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6 minutes ago, Rodjahs12 said:

No, but the reaction shows just how little faith their fans and players alike had in actually being able to win this game. It’s like Auburn upsetting Alabama it happens from time to time but it doesn’t make it any less of an aberration 

I disagree, I trusted the Ravens all game. We had heart 

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4 minutes ago, Rodjahs12 said:

Here you are commenting on me yet again despite insisting you want nothing to do with me. Don’t make me go and say something that’s going to make you go and tell on me to daddy ET again we’d hate to have to go through that again now wouldn’t we? 

Literally wasn't even addressing you. Be gone troll.

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3 minutes ago, RuskieTitan said:

He'll come out of the woodshed around December when the Chiefs lock up a playoff spot, and proclaim it was all part of the plan.

I wish it would be that long of a break.  Sadly people will be quoting him again soon. 

Blocked posters should be extended to when they are quoted also

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Just now, BlaqOptic said:

Literally wasn't even addressing you. Be gone troll.

No you were passive aggressively taking about me to someone else like some kind of teenage girl would about another she doesn’t like. That’s actually worse. 

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Just now, Towerbridge said:

Patrick Queen isn't good.

He gets trucked so much for a linebacker picked in the first round

Devin White wasn’t very good for his first couple years either. And now he’s electric

Sometimes you gotta trust the process 

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2 minutes ago, ThatJaxxenGuy said:

Are people willing to admit Lamar is good yet or do we have to have more of the same mindless debates ad nauseaum? 

cause as a ravens fan there are a lot of other neat things to discuss about our team 

Lamar made some REALLY bad decisions in the first half. He was legit in the 2nd

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