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Chargers week 1 and 2.


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I feel like we should have a post that is more recent than March.. it's just sad.

Now, on the the topic at hand.

After these first two weeks, scoring position turnovers have killed us. They could have doomed us in the WFT game, and did doom us in the Dallas game. Although to be fair a couple of those were kind of out of anyone's control. I've never seen a QB "Fumble" out the back of the end zone from 15 yards out. That ball traveled 45 feet in the air. This week the interception I believe was a case of Keenan Allen slipping on his route. If we simply don't turn over the ball, the games shift from, close win to a bigger win, and a loss to a win.

Defense wise the rushing defense is the big concern for me right now. We gave up chunks to WFT, and almost 200 yards against Dallas. While on the other side the pass defense seems to be very good. Although it is kind of hard to tell since the rush defense is porous. On the plus side they seem much more... less anti clutch than they were the last couple years.

Overall I think we are heading in the right direction. Over these last two weeks the coaching staff has played to win. I do believe it is going to take a little while for everything to gel and work itself out. Rookie head coach, new offense, new defense and a QB in year 2. 


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The penalties, we HAVE to stop the penalties man. It's also concerning that our redzone woes have continued 2 weeks in. But I still think the defense is slowly coming on as of late and I think it will be pretty good by year's end. Herbert on the otherhand has to clean up the turnovers and we NEED to establish the run early but I think we have a chance against the Chiefs. 

It's a long season and we have the talent that can go to the playoffs. Best things that have come so far this season are 

1. Slater - Looks like a slam dunk selection and the answer to the LT for the next decade.

2. OL - The unit is playing very well so far and looks like the best group we've had in some years.

3. Rest of 2021 draft - So far look like a good bunch with Slater, Samuel and Palmer. Plus Roundtree will be around with this team for a while. If Jaime or McKitty can be anything this draft is on its way to being Telesco's best.


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Glad to see the team take a step forward and beat KC. Now they need to continue building on this and hopefully don’t take a step back and lose to the Raiders. Continue cleaning up the little mistakes and improving on red zone offense and possibly run defense.

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