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The Mike Vrabel thread (+ coaching staff)


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1 hour ago, ttitansfan4life said:

God bless any team that wants to hire Downing as HC.

But it’s working out so well for the Falcons.

If Downing gets looks, there will be some offensive minded head coaches getting fired somewhere.

But with his history, I doubt he gets looks this year. Maybe 2023.

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6 hours ago, -Hope- said:


Vrabel is obviously a better coach than Mularkey, but I think this is probably one of the biggest differences between the two. Hearing what people like Lewan said about Mularkey, reading Mularkey's comments about Mariota(I think it was an interview with Kuharsky last year?), etc, reveals that he was very much a "forget your injury/issues, suit up and play". It's hard to say what would have happened long term obviously, but had we kept Mularkey(and you certainly could have argued for him to be kept, back to back 9 win seasons after winning a combined 5 games the two years prior, playoff appearance and playoff win for the first time since 2008 and 2003 respectively, etc) I wonder if the success he did bring/did have would have crumbled due to players like Lewan and Mariota's views of him. On top of his stubbornness to want to keep Robiskie, obviously.

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16 hours ago, ttitansfan4life said:


Don’t know if Lewan was serious or trying to be funny but I’m seriously worried about the guy 

I don’t mean from a mental health standpoint 

Im just talking straight up being an elite LT in this league going forward 

I know he’s coming off an ACL injury so he has the benefit of the doubt I guess 

But I’m seriously starting to worry what this guys focus is anymore 

I feel like he’s not a leader to be honest 

How is he the highest paid linemen and just doesn’t act like it?

His play overall this season hasn’t been great 

I know Radunz barely plays but he’s taking someone’s job next year between Lewan and Saffold 

No way both guys are back unless they restructure 

But the way they have performed the Titans may not want them back 

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That video/convo is a strange one 


I just don’t know for sure if it’s time to move on from Lewan. It probably is, but part of me wants to see how next year goes. His play/availability this year has been up and down, but it’s easy to forget he’s coming off an ACL injury and now his partner in Saffold also is struggling. 

I think saffold would be the one to move on from this offseason versus lewan. I’m not convinced Lewan is completely toast. I think very high of him as both a LT and straight up athlete and think he could find a second wind for a few more years 

totally could be wrong, time will tell. It’ll be an interesting decision for JRob to make, as will be his management of the OL moving forward. He’s shown mixed results in talent eval for intended STARTERS (not considering good depth moves like Sambrailo and Kelly). Our OL is obviously super important to any team, but especially a running team like ours. We need to make big and fast improvements there like we did with the DL this offseason. I think OLs are harder to get right 

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Downing is a problem.

He has been up and down with some success here or there. But just heard the stat that we have only scored 10 points on our first possession drives. This is where you script the plays and come up with some of your best stuff. Yet we can't ever seem to get going.

Much like me holding my breath when Tanny throws, I never expect us to do anything worth while on our first drive anymore. 

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1 minute ago, -Hope- said:

where do you get darrynton specifically from that? i don't know that i would jump to that kind of conclusion

His quote def isn’t directly about Darrynton

but he said Darrynton needs to “do a lot more” right before he got put on IR. This was also right after Darrynton told reporters that he does “nothing special” to return to full health beyond what trainers ask of him. I just felt that after hearing all that, plus knowing that Evans games all the time, it didn’t seem like he was as serious of a worker as he needed to be to play in the NFL.  Seemed like a bare minimum type guy 

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