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Week 3 GDT: Da Bears @ mtmmke’s favorite ball club

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1 hour ago, bungleodeon said:

Funny that the Chiefs will go into week 4 sitting alone in last place as well.

Should be 0-3 too if we hadn't shot ourselves in the foot over and over that game.

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8 minutes ago, DawgX said:

Should be 0-3 too if we hadn't shot ourselves in the foot over and over that game.

I think you are exactly right.  Handle a punt snap, hold onto a fumble, an extra step from Baker in the INT, and we're very likely sitting at 3-0.  Not going to stop that throw that Mahomes made.  He's going to make those throws for the next 10 years.

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4 hours ago, candyman93 said:

Our RB core is better than the 06’ Chargers with LT, Michael Turner, and Sproles.

These guys are every bit as good as Williams and Stewart in Carolina, maybe better as far as a duo.  Haven’t seen anything from Felton as a runner though.

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On 9/20/2021 at 6:26 AM, MWil23 said:

Really gotta have this one. It's at home, and "old" or not, that Bears defense can be problematic. We need to see our OT play more consistent in pass pro, and we are going to need someone outside of Chubb/Hunt step up on offense, probably a TE/WR to show up and help out Baker.

Defensively, contain Fields and make him win from the pocket under duress. 

Get off of the field on 3rd and 4th down...that's been absolutely absurd the last 2 years.

Really expect Chicago to have monster problems with are tight ends.

I also expect to have a tough time handling a 2 tight end formation in the run game are tight ends have blocked ends let alone smallish linebackers..

3rd Elite qbs on the road they are horrible

Browns roll 27 to 13.


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5 hours ago, sdrawkcab321 said:

I’m just saying even coming out he wasnt that great. I was never impressed by his accuracy. 

Look everybody knows I wasn’t the biggest Fields fan coming out of the draft. But this isn’t on him. Wayyyyy too early to read anything on him being a QB. 

Btw you should go into nfl genpop and start a “Fields iz a bust” thread. I hear they’re all the rayge. 

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