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The Joe Woods Thread

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I don’t expect any changes this week with a Thursday game, but if there are still issues this week, maybe it’s time for some personnel changes for the Pittsburgh game.

As much as I want to hate on Woods, he’s not the one blowing coverages. Someone or multiple people don’t know what they’re doing.

All that said, it looks like it’s primarily people getting lost on zone handoffs. I’m not a pro coach, but if that’s the issue maybe run some 2-man, cover 1, or something a bit more. 

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3 hours ago, ReggieCamp said:

It's Week 6, and our DB's are still a coordinated mess. 1st few weeks with lots of new faces? Sure, that's acceptable. But it's still happening over and over and over.

If we don't figure it out soon, the season's gonna slip away.

It’s absurd how bad our safeties are at communicating with each other. I thought that was JJIII strength?


Joe Woods reminds me of Perry Fewell when he was with the Giants. He ran a super soft coverage and relied 100% on his defensive line bailing him out. Clowney + Myles are as good as JPP and Osi, but we don’t have a Justin Tuck 3rd guy.

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2 hours ago, ReggieCamp said:

I've been as critical of Woods as anyone, but I need to give him some props for last night. That was the most press man I've seen us run all year. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

They ran more vs Minny IMO

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