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Colts QB Carson Wentz sprains both ankles; Status uncertain for upcoming game


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29 minutes ago, RuskieTitan said:

His body just can't hold up to the rigors of the NFL and the hits he takes. It's going to continue to be a trend for these nagging injuries. I know the Colts hoped to salvage his career, but doesn't seem like his body will hold up. Colts may need to consider the future after the season.

His problem is he refuses to protect himself at all and consistently tries to make plays on completely broken plays. The play he was knocked out of the game Donald gets quick pressure up the middle and he is going to get sacked, but he refuses to protect his body at all and tries to make an impossible throw which ends up getting him rolled up. I haven't watched a Colts game yet, but I guarantee he is doing the same hold onto the ball forever stuff he did in Philly regularly. An injury prone QB who has lost a step that is completely unwilling to protect himself is going to end up hurt...

It wouldn't surprise me at all if he tries to play either next week or the week after and compounds the sprain into a more serious injury soon. Eagles fans hoped a solid OL in Indy would keep him healthy, but their OL is of course beat up and Wentz refuses to adapt per usual. 

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