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2021 Cowboys News and Notes

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On 11/28/2021 at 12:02 PM, Rtnldave said:

How do you figure?

The vaccine does NOT prevent the virus, it only diminishes its effects on you. I was vaccinated as was my fiancee and we both got covid and got really sick.

If you are not vaccinated, you run the risk of getting deathly ill or being vented.

But either way, ANYONE, vaccinated or not, can contract and spread the virus.


And can we stop calling it breakthrough? Did anyone really believe you'd never get it.  If it keeps someone like me from being on a ventilator or dying then the scientists have done their job.  Let's hope so.

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Just now, WizardHawk said:
6 minutes ago, Texas_OutLaw7 said:

Especially since Jerry said we will likely miss another player due to COVID.

I missed this. Which one is that? 

Another one in addition to Steele? Or is that the one he was talking about?

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22 minutes ago, Matts4313 said:

This is... not good:



I don't know Matts, sometimes I think all these fancy charts and graphs these guys come up with just seem to be a bit to much overthinking to me. So many differentiating variables and context that could come into play from game to game.

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