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WEEK 3: UNDEFEATED 2-0 Denver Broncos vs 0-2 New York Jets - 2.05pm MDT /// 4.05pm EDT


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On 9/23/2021 at 5:05 PM, AnAngryAmerican said:

The Jets have a rookie HC, a rookie OC and a rookie QB. I like all of them and I think, if the Jets brass and fanbase can be patient, they have a nice set for the long term. 

That said, there’s no way the Jets roster can compete with ours. We have the best defensive mind in football running our defense, a stacked roster with tons of depth and a QB who looks to be well on his way to All Pro status. The team will be exceptionally well-prepared and play enormously hard for COY in-waiting Vic and his elite coaching staff. This game should end with a win that would embarrass even the most cynical Jets fans. 

Broncos 77, Jets 0

The truth-telling contrarian has logged on to let us know that he is most certainly NOT just a 💩-eating troll.

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On 9/25/2021 at 4:29 AM, AkronsWitness said:

With Chubb out, I hope the Broncos give Cooper a real shot to split snaps with Reed. Ive seen Reed for the past 2-3 years and he is okay but I feel like giving Cooper a shot to build from his preseason performances is smart.

Also, with Von's contract up and Chubb consistently injured--it would be nice to know exactly what you have on your own roster to avoid another Shaq Barrett mistake.

Cooper got plenty of work in the Jags game. He's going to play a lot, don't worry about that.

It was clear we tried to keep Von off the field in the 2nd half on early run downs to preserve him. I don't see that changing at all even with Chubb out.

Even Mintze got a few snaps last week. I think he will see 5-10 again this week.

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I just don't think this'll be close. Our ball control offense is working quite well and we're leading the NFL in TOP at 37 minutes per game.. That's tough on a defense anywhere but at Mile High it's devastating. Fangio's nice about calling off the dogs but I still see something like 30-3. 

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When thinking about the game this week, I started thinking about the Jets, and their whole situation in general. I’m guessing most of us saw the stat that only 4 top-5 picked QB’s in history have played 0 TD 4 INT games in their rookie season. The last 3 have been Mark Sanchez, Sam Darnold, and Zach Wilson. Drafting a franchise QB is crazy hard, but when you’re bringing even an elite-level talent into unstable organization, it’s practically impossible. Of the truly elite QB’s in the last 20 years, how many of them have seen success when being drafted by an org in shambles? Not surrounding *at least* by good on-field talent? Off the top of my head, Deshaun Watson is the only true example, but I’m sure I’ve missed someone.

My point is, you know that adage that you build your org around a QB? I think it’s time to take a long look at whether that’s truly the best plan. They sure seem to develop best when surrounded by an established base.

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