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WEEK 3: UNDEFEATED 2-0 Denver Broncos vs 0-2 New York Jets - 2.05pm MDT /// 4.05pm EDT

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3 minutes ago, 1234567 said:

I really don't like Noah Fant's body language this season. Watching him just stand there flat footed while the Jets took off with that fumble a few yards away from him says an awful lot. 

He's had more penalties than catches in this game too.

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These injuries are gonna make the next few weeks brutal. We were already going to be outgunned during that stretch, even if we were healthy. For today though, I'll give credit where credit is due. We beat 3 teams that we should have beat, and we beat them all soundly. In years past, we would have found a way to make those games way too close. The next 4-5 weeks are gonna tell us who this team really is.  

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It's going to be hard to find a team that's in worse shape than the Jets right now.   Their OL which had played really well in the 2H last season, has been a disaster.    Their QB is getting the baptism by fire (and worse since he played college opponents 2 levels below the NFL (not just high level Power Conference football, which is still a major jump up).   And their secondary is non-existent, which negates their all-world Quinnen Williams, and decent front 7.    Maybe Jacksonville or Houston are worse, but either way, a true bottom 3 roster right now.    

So, we did what we were supposed to.   Nothing against the guys, can't ask for more.   It's just there's no real way to know if we're any better than a mid-.500 squad, or if there's more.   We've literally played 2 bottom-3 orgs, and a bottom 10 one in NYG.    The good news is we're so much better now, it's not just expected, it's no longer a sweat.    That shows the progress we've made.   But make no mistake, now is when the test starts.     

This start IMO is exactly why Teddy B won the job this offseason; because he wasn't going to make mistakes that let us lose to inferior teams.    The key will be if he and the O can have better success against average to good/great D's.   To be honest, we left a lot of points out there today.  That won't hurt us today, but against the BAL's of the world, that's not going to win games.   Still, given the context of the game, it's only worth noting, and not defining any meaningful trend.   

The killer part was losing both our G's and then losing the one position we thought was flush with depth to start the year with Hamler.   Really hope he's OK, but won't be reassured until the MRI comes back tomorrow.

Really, I don't think we can say much else.   This was a David vs. Goliath match - it's just weird we're the Goliath now.  Still, that's relative - time to find out if we're more than a mid-level team, trying to reach viable long-term contention.   That starts next week.


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I have to agree in that there is very little we can take from this game moving forward. I still absolutely loved it, because we've had years of being the other team in that scenario; I just can't use it as reasoning for why we might be a decent team.

The injuries are just huge. My #1 concern about this team is probably whether we have the ability to come back from the inevitable deficit that every team gets in at some point.

OL and WR injuries sure don't help alleviate that concern.

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Not a big victory last night despite the score and the shutout.
Defense was good against a weak attack. Thank you for the few passes not received by Davis which could have been a big gain and expensive penalties.
The attack was just average against average defense. The successful 7 Jets front dominated the offensive line.
The running game was non-existent 80% of the time with negative yards.
TB was again seen looking for short play 3 times with a receiver standing out. Example Sutton who is one step ahead of the defender full field in the 2nd half but Bridgewater chose the option Tim Patrick for 15 yds him also alone.
With the loss of KJ Hamler, the attack seemed simplistic and no longer became dangerous.
Fangio at the end of the 1st half time which leaves the chrono parade rather than asking for a TO with 30s to bring back at least 3 pts which seemed to be worn.
In the end 3-0 but against teams without victories.
This team is more Bottom 15 than Top 15.
First glimpse of the quality of the reaction to adversity next week against the Ravens. I hope I am wrong on this team but I remain puzzled until then.

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Sorry, but that Fangio decision at the end of the 1st half was absolutely vindicated by what followed in the 2nd half.

He knew that his team were in complete control of the game and the potential of 3 points was far outweighed by the potential of a ST mishap, thus gifting the Jets 3 (or 7) points.

People need to just move on from that now and accept it was 100% the correct call for that situation. If he did that next week against Lamar Jackson, then it's a different story.

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Broncos fans just love to complain. It was a comfortable 26-0 home shutout in a game against a terrible opponent where we probably weren’t trying to give too much away. We’re 2 up on KC. Take the W and move on. 

Baltimore next week is a different animal although to be fair they looked awful against Detroit, but that Tucker FG might be a huge spark. 

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