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Draft Pick Watch 2022

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4 hours ago, viking said:

Damn this first round is gonna be franchise changing for you guys. 


Do you think you'll be going QB or just beefing up the roster with some elite talent?

Really depends on the draft class and how Hurts plays down the stretch. Also how high of a pick we get, don’t think we can trade a ton of assets for any of the QBs in the draft right now. 

I wouldn’t put it out of the realm of possibility, if we are moving on from Jalen, that they try to trade for a QB. Wether that be Rodgers, Wilson or unfortunately Watson (please no).

But they have to add talent to this roster, so no matter what we better get one blue chip player who can make plays. Edge, DB, wherever. We need it badly. If they somehow walked away with Hamilton and a top edge I think we’d all be ecstatic.

With the QB crop looking so so right now, I want them to take two first rounders and trade back one of them to get a later 1st this year and a 2023 first. We can build the team up more and provide a better young core around them in 2023. And if Jalen irons out some stuff even better, I think he can progress to being a solid QB. Enough so that if we move on we might still be able to trade him for something to a needy team even if we move on.

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If Jalen is this 6 game sample size the rest of the year, I have no interest in watching the Sirianni-Hurts marriage any longer in 2022. An 18 game sample is enough to be sure that this head coach and qb just aren't compatible. I don't want to waste a second year with this combination. Personally, I just don't think Hurts is a starting quality NFL QB.

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10 minutes ago, EaglesPeteC said:

Yikes the Jags are next level bad 

Yeah they suck, hopefully they can get a TD here. Still in it luckily.

Would be huge for those top 3 dreams.

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Hopefully Miami sells before the trade deadline and gets even worse, but they are already bad enough to get us a top 5 pick/better pick than NYG/WAS.

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3 minutes ago, Kiltman said:

Can’t believe it, Let’s get a Detroit win and Colts loss Today and make it the best

we could also use a Bears W (NYG have their 1st), but unlikely with them playing GB

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