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Justin Fields Officially Starting


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I honestly don't know or even understand what goes on inside the head of some coaches.

Clearly Justin Fields has skills Andy Dalton lacks.  If we had a successful NFL offense already and only needed a game manager type to run it well in order to be an ultra competitive NFL playoff level team I could understand why a HC and GM would want Dalton to start.  That was KC when Mahomes arrived but it is surely not the Chicago Bears.

With Dalton or without Dalton the Bears are not a highly competitive playoff level team and no amount of imagination on the part of either Pace or Nagy can make them one now nor will I buy into their annual bull **** of "we're this close to being there".

With Fields we'll lose a few games due to his rookie mistakes but we may also win a few we didn't expect to win based on his ability to do what Dalton cannot.  I think it was proven yesterday that it's much harder for a defense to game plan for Fields than it is for Dalton.  Maybe Detroit is thinking they'll see what Cleveland saw.  Fields running an offense schemed for Dalton.

So Mooney gets his dream shot.  A man on man match up with the LCB and Fields see it.  Mooney smokes his cover guy and all of a sudden there's that huge play we've all been waiting for.  If Dalton was playing instead does that play ever happen?  Hell no.  Nagy keeps talking about the need for plays like that but despite the skills of his WR he prefers playing the QB who can't produce plays like that?

I swear.  It seems like the world gets more stupid with each passing week now.  That's the true pandemic.

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