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Week 3 General Discussion Thread

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Just now, Hunter2_1 said:

Right, this could be BB's worse season in 20 years. Or he could turn it around...either way, pieces that were supposed to be good, have not shown up so far. OL has been a train crash, the new TEs have done F-all! 

Still confused by paying Nelson so much money. 

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5 minutes ago, Hunter2_1 said:

Probably by someone that shouldn't be taken seriously

I do find it a bit tiring though that no one is mentioning our porous OL, when other QBs get that excuse. Didn't realise Mac was unlikable 

Mac himself isn't unlikeable

There has just been a bit of a fan/media circle jerk around him and how he fits in that team that is annoying

Like, out of nowhere the Pats went from a team that wins 7, 8, or 9 to a team that people were predicting to win 11, and the division, because of how great Mac Jones was going to fit into that system

There's just this aura the media puts around the Patriots that is so offputting

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3 minutes ago, dante9876 said:

How long steelers gonna trout big ben out there? It isn't fair to the rest of the team. 

It will be all freakin' season until like Week 13 at which point , well out of playoff contention, they can "justify" "moving away from a proven Super Bowl winner."

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