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BDL 2021 Week 3 - Anchorage Trappers @ Antarctica Katabatic Beasts


Anchorage Trappers @ Antarctica Katabatic Beasts  

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BDL 2021 Week 3

Match: Anchorage Trappers @ Antarctica Katabatic Beasts

Away Owner:  @Scoundrel

Home Owner:  @Pickle Rick

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Anchorage Game Plan

Base Offense

QB- Joe Burrow

RB- Jonathan Taylor

X- Ja’Marr Chase

Z- Henry Ruggs

Slot- Tyler Boyd

TE- Kyle Pitts

LT- Jedrick Wills Jr

LG- Joe Thuney

C- David Andrews

RG- Dalton Risner

RT- Rob Havenstein 



RB- Tony Pollard

OW- Demetric Felton

WR- Marvin Jones Jr

WR- Bryan Edwards

WR- DeVonta Smith 

TE- Tyler Higbee

OL- DJ Humphries 

OL- Cesar Ruiz


Base Defense

RE- Romeo Okwara

NT- Vita Vea

UT- Leonard Williams

LE- Micah Parsons

ILB- Kenneth Murray

Enforcer- Budda Baker

CB- Jaylon Johnson

CB- Darious Williams

Nickel- Donte Jackson

FS- Jessie Bates

Star- Patrick Surtain



Edge- Azeez Ojulari

Edge- Sam Hubbard 

IDL- Dexter Lawrence 

IDL- Ed Oliver

IDL- Foley Fatukasi

ILB- Cole Holcomb

CB- Deommodore Lenoir

S- Kamren Curl




Week 3 Roster 

Offensive Starters:
QB - Lamar Jackson
RB1 - Saquon Barkley
WR1 - Stefon Diggs
WR2 - Ceedee Lamb
WR3 (Slot1) - Chris Godwin
WR4 (Slot2) - Van Jefferson
LT - Rashawn Slater
LG - Brandon Brooks  *INACTIVE*
C - Ryan Kelly
RG - Trey Smith 
RT - Jesse Davis

Offensive Bench:
RB2 - Chase Edmonds 
RB3 - Mark Ingram
OT3 - Tytus Howard
C2/OG3 - Tyler Biadasz 
OG4 - Aaron Banks
TE1 - Cole Kmet
WR5 - Tutu Atwell


Defensive Starters:
LDE - Brandon Graham *INACTIVE*
DT1 - DeForest Buckner
DT2 - Ndamukong Suh 
RDE - Frank Clark *INACTIVE* (Sweat if Clark is out) 
LB1 (SLB) - Roquan Smith 
LB2 (MLB) - Demario Davis
LB3 (WLB) - Harold Landry
CB1 - Joe Haden
CB2 - Marshon Lattimore 
CB3 (Nickle/Slot) - Steven Nelson
FS - Nasir Adderley 

Defensive Bench:
SS - Anthony Harris 
CB4 - Charvarius Ward *INACTIVE*
LB4/CB5 - Hamsah Nasirildeeen 
DE3 - Josh Sweat
DE4 - Jerry Huges
DE5 - Tarron Jackson 
DT3 - Jordan Elliot
DT4 - Tedarrel Slaton

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Overview: We are 0-1-1 and had an early lead end up in a tie last week. We are searching for our first win and look to bounce back against our rival Antarctica. We are hungrier than ever to get a W!


Philosophy: Take advantage of Antarctica’s tendencies. Limit Lamar and Barkley’s big plays. Heavy zone against a talented receiving corps. Utilize the versatility of Micah Parsons and Budda Baker. Bully and batter a young offensive line. Take our shots against their secondary using our big play threats. Offensive line and route adjustments against blitz. Attack open zones in front and behind linebacker drops. Heavy run focus at depleted and hampered edge group. Play to our strengths. Disciplined assignment focused football. 



  • We will feature our base 3 wide, and mix in 4 wide, and 2 TE sets
  • Our 2 TE is mainly a red zone formation we will utilize inside of the ten yard line
  • Tyler Higbee will be our 2TE in 2 Tight. 
  • We look to feature a 60/40 pass/run play distribution 
  • We will motion every play to assist in recognizing coverages 
  • Specifically Pitts will spend half of his reps in line and half as a big slot and will be a heavy presnap motion player 
  • Our big slot is not lined out as far as a traditional slot and is still close enough to the tackle to crack back down and help on DE and LBers which Pitts will be helping with, but also gives him enough space away from the line to release into various routes from a stand up position. 
  • Taylor is our lead back but Pollard will get a healthy share of the workload 
  • Zone running game, to take advantage of an over aggressive defensive front 7
  • We will look to double Buckner inside on run plays and work to the backers
  • We will run at a depleted/hampered edge group often
  • If Wills is out Humphries steps in at LT
  • Antarctica likes to load the box close to the line with their middle linebackers on “early downs” and run blitz on “clear run downs” so if we see this we will call heavy RPO and play action usage on early downs and short to go situations
  • Since Antarctica likes to blitz their middle linebackers, if we are seeing this we will make our presnap pass protection adjustment to combat that inside pressure 
  • We have two deep threats averaging over 22 yards per reception in Chase and Ruggs. We will attack vertically with either or both on the same play a healthy amount.  
  • Chase and Ruggs will also be used on slants, posts, and a various array of routes that take advantage of their skill sets
  • Boyd and Pitts will work underneath routes but on plays we see the run blitz, linebackers pressing up or a heavy emphasis on taking away the underneath we will look to get some open shots behind them as linebackers in this defense often show blitz and then drop back to cover underneath we have the speed and route savvy in Pitts and Boyd to get behind their zone or man coverage regularly
  • Marvin Jones and DeVonta Smith will split reps as the 4th receiver in our four wide and will run a variety of route combos with the other receiver on that side
  • We will use our RB to attack the flats and short zones, likely occupying some of that underneath focus for Antarctica to open up routes behind them or if the defenders are dropping quickly opening up our safety net underneath. 
  • Demetric Felton will replace Boyd in the slot for a handful of plays and we will throw him two screens across his plays and give him a chance to make a little magic


Defense: 2-4-5 against 4 and 5 wide. 4-3 against 2 TE/2RB with 2 or fewer receivers, and Nickel against 3 wide. 

  • As always we will play disciplined football. Limit big plays.
  • We will also rotate our dline just enough to keep our starters fresh 
  • Against any 4 wide or more Micah Parsons will line up at LE and be tasked with terrorizing the beasts backfield. If Okwara is out Azeez replaces him.
  • When Budda is the enforcer backer against 4+ wide he will play as the Lamar spy (even if Lamar is hobbled) and middle disruptor 
  • Against 3 Wide, Parsons in at WLB next to ILB Murray. Budda moves to Strong safety. Surtain takes over for Darious outside. Hubbard replaces Parsons at end as we are a traditional 4 man dline.
  • Same changes against 2 TE, 2 RB formations with two or fewer receivers however the nickel comes out and Holcomb plays SLB to form a traditional 4-3.
  • In the Nickel and 4-3, Parsons then becomes spy/middle zone disruptor as his speed is our best match for Lamar’s scrambling in these formations. 
  • Vita Vea will line up over Brandon Brooks’ replacement and give him hell all day while controlling the middle of the line.
  • With Antarctica’s tendency to attack the ends with traps, counter traps, pulling sweeps, etc in the running game we will be playing heavy outside contain to force plays back inside. 
  • Gap fit football, to ensure we give Lamar and Barkley as limited running room as possible.
  • We will play predominantly zone, and mix up our coverages to confuse Lamar. 
  • Mix in some zone blitzes to apply additional pressure on Lamar and create chaos for a relatively young O-line.
  • Our defensive team speed will allow us to cover ground quickly and close throwing windows and running lanes.
  • Be aware of Antarctica wanting to take deep shots early (including first play) and stay true to our assignments and don’t bite on play action. 




Week 3 Gameplan

Motivation: Time to bounce back from a disappointing L.  

Personnel Changes: Jesse Davis takes over at RT for Shell who is out (gameplanning for that is below).  Brandon Graham in for JPP who is out.

Offensive Formations: Our dominant formation this week will be 4WR (40%), with 3WR/1TE (30%) and 2WR/1TE/2B (30%) splitting the rest of the snap allotment.  

Tempo: Playing a traditional tempo with lots of motion before the snap to help LJ see formations and reads. 

Designed Playcalling Distribution: 65% pass, 35% run

Run Scheme: our runs will focus on heavily to the outside and targeting Hubbard (or whoever is opposite Chubb).  Our designed running plays this week will be exclusively from 2WR/1TE/2RB sets.  We will focus the read options, double teams, and traps on Hubbard (taking Chubb and Vea out of the play), looking to get to the outside.  

Audibles: RPO's will be our main check down play this week.  If LJ recognizes blitz pre-snap he will look to check into a RPO with the run option to the opposite side of the blitz and the pass option filling where the blitz is coming from.  

Passing: we are going to be playing a lot with 4 WR/RB sets this week to spread Anchorage way out and let Godwin and Diggs work the middle of the field and give easy wide open targets to LJ.  We will look to utilize slants, posts, and crossing routes layered to exploit our advantage in the Anchorage-DB matchups.  We have 3 star WR's and an up and coming guy in Jefferson so we will be looking for the advantagous matchups and target those a lot in the passing game.  Whoever is being covered by the weakest defender will be the main target for the passing game.  We want to take what Anchorage is giving us and we will do that by heavily targeting the weakest defender.  Our RB's will be used heavily in helping chip/block anything that gets through (anticipating helping Davis more). Lamb starting on the outside allows Godwin to shift to the slot.  We will look to take deep shots to Lamb and Diggs with Godwin and Jefferson/Kmet manning the underneath/safety routes.  With playing a spread out style offense, it will also help create large running lanes for LJ to escape the pocket and gain big yards on broken plays.     

Playaction: these are going to be thrown in a good bit to take advantage of the weak back end for Anchorage.

First play of the game:  4WR set, 3 bunched to the wide side of the field, RB screen to Barkley on the short side.

Defense Base Formation: Nickle 
Playstyle: Heavy dose of Nickle-Man D this week.  Our DB's are healthy and were elite in week 1.  We want to keep the passing windows extremely tight and will do that by playing bump and run a lot.  We will look to disguise things by showing blitzes before the snap.  Playing more man and disguising the look will hopefully throw off Burrow and take away all of the short/quick/underneath plays. 

Run defense.  We will be using our middle LB's to load up the box tight to the line on clear run plays.  Runs blitzes will be heavy on big formations and early downs.  We want to get penetration and blow up the plays before they get started.

Passing Defense: we think if we take away the quick/underneath/short passing game from Burrow and make the passing windows as tight as possible that we can win the game by forcing a number of turnovers. So as much as we can, we will be showing blitz and fall back into man with bump and run coverage at the line on the outside and an underneath zone from the LB's when possible.  Our DB's are up to the task of sticking with the WR's and allowing our D-line to get pressure on the QB.  


e olokaa na manawa maikai

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I think both teams did well on their gameplan, one team did good actually updating their roster rather than copy and pasting it. Antartica has far too many starters that are actually inactive. Anchorage did a good job planning against Antartica and given that Lamar Jackson is consistently good for putting the ball in the opposing teams hands 2 or 3 times a game, I think Joe Burrow and company get the win here. 35-14

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