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The Season so far in gifs


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Why have 4 WR/TE 6’4” or taller and not use them in the red zone?

Why have JT avg 6.4 ypc and stop running him in the 2nd half.

Reich “the Titans were showing us looks we hadn’t seen before that caused us to switch some of our running calls to passes” 

BS - he only ran the ball 10 times, you cannot tell me that happened 10-15 times 

then taking that excuse go back to my first point. 

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The good news is, the defense is starting to come around.  They had a solid game against the Rams and then played well (75% of the time) against the Titans.  But the offense is anemic. 

I'm willing to be patient because it was the 5th or 6th game last year when Rivers finally hit his stride and started producing, especially in the red zone.

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