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Big Ben: is he washed?


Big Ben: is he washed?  

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Hard to really say, he has definitely declined but the Steelers haven't done him any favors. They have an extremely young OL that can't hold up in pass pro/run block. They were 32nd in the league in rushing yards last year and through 3 games they're 32nd again this year. Which leads to their offense being almost exclusively dependent on the short passing game to move the ball. 

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I think it's a combination of a  statue who is one rolled ankle from a retirement home and a super inexperienced young untalented o line.  Young Ben could take some shots.  Roll out.  Withstand some brutality.  This Ben... Cannot.  One of the best.  But it's over.  

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Steelers aren't doing him any favors with no run game to speak of. Their OC is also calling a pass happy offense that isn't really good on 3rd down. Ben probably looks good with a better OL but with this squad and offense how they currently are Big Ben just won't be able to succeed.

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His style of play has caught up to him. He was an amazing qb, could break all kinds of tackles and shrugs guys off. One of the best broken play qbs ever.

He has always been bigger so that will take a toll on  your joints too, he isnt the same athlete he once was. 

He was such a legend they have found it hard to move off him.

I dont know why he is still playing.

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