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It's never too early for a Mock-up!!!!

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8 hours ago, freak_of_nature said:

I'm hoping a need or two gets filled in free agency. We presently don't have a 5th round pick, so I took him in the 4th.

I didn't realize we were without a 5th.  In light of the Ajayi trade and the reports coming out about Gase' unhappiness with Landry, I would consider Berrios in the 4th.

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22 minutes ago, cddolphin said:

I'm sure it depends on the OL coach they end up hiring. Will be a very important offseason thread to follow.

Now that you mention OL coach it makes me think we have some great tools to use to get a premium hire.  Our Receiving core, solid QB play (Tannehill), a large pool of 2018 UFA OLinemen around the league, and likely an early round 2018 draft pick on OLine.


There are several young interior OLinemen on that list that would be upgrades for us without breaking the bank.

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