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Week 4 GDT: Titans (2-1) at Jets (0-3)


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fresh off an ugly but crucial win over the colts, a very bruised and battered titans team travels to the big apple (well, uh, east rutherford NJ but who's asking) to take on the 0-3 new york jets. with the jets fielding an erratic and turnover-prone rookie QB, this seems like an opportunity for the titans defense to get some of the turnovers that have been so hard to come by in the first 3 weeks. but zach wilson is a talented thrower despite his rawness and early struggles, and tennessee shouldn't go into this game expecting the jets' offense to hand them anything. on the offensive side of the ball, tennessee will almost certainly need to overcome the absence of AJ brown, and there's a chance they'll be without julio jones as well. the titans should be able to win if they just play their game and execute clean, turnover-free ball, but as we saw last week, that's not quite a given with all the role-players we have to field at the moment. the jets might be struggling and the titans are heavily favored, but preventing an upset while shorthanded will be an important test of the team's discipline and resolve.

aaaaaaand go

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14 minutes ago, ttitansfan4life said:

Yikes…. The fact that Ingram, Houston, or Kerrigan weren’t targets this offseason is frustrating. Depth is absolute garbage now and we have a guy who isn’t even fully healthy in Dupree. Basically have two healthy edge rushers in Landry and Ola. 

It’s frustrating that we all recognized the need for the depth but the front office didn’t. Ingram was sitting there for us and wanted to come after the Julio trade 

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Jets have been rough this season but they do have a pretty solid defense. Their offense has been atrocious. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s close at halftime with them actually being up because we’re running into walls all day and making too many mistakes, and then we take over in the 2nd half. Williams could certainly wreck our interior OL and Mosley is back for them this year. 

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From what I seen from the few Jets games I watched, Jets are awful against the run 

If the Titans wanted to get Henry the single game rushing record they probably could

I’m sure the Titans would prefer to get up early and hope McNichols and Sargent could move chains so Vrabel can continue to load manage going into the Jags game 

It would be ideal to chip into the turnover differential this game 

Curious to see if we get anyone back from IR

The early weather reports say partly sunny and in the 70’s

Don’t think wind will be a factor but with that stadium you never know 

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