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Our New Head Coach & GM

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1 minute ago, dll2000 said:

McCaskey makes a lot of noise that he wants to be like Pittsburgh and build a program, but he can't get off the 4 - 5 year coach/GM carousel.



I think if you asked every franchise in the NFL if you would like their last 3 coaches to all be in or heading for the HoF and to be able to coach that franchise for a 50 years I think they would all want it...trick is selecting the right coach which this ownership hasn't shown the skill/luck to do so.

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20 hours ago, Sugashane said:

Lovie was damn good as a DC and the defense was the strength of the team for almost his entire tenure. Still had little success overall. Nagy being incompetent shouldn't force your hand in the next coach. 

Lovie is a nearly perfect example of someone who lacked an ability to adapt once teams began to more effectively attack his Cover 2.  IMHO some of that was due to his All Pro LBs aging and become slightly less effective and also due to a lack of higher quality Safeties.

Conversely Belichick has adapted well over the years seemingly only needing the right QB to run his offense.  He had Brady for two decades then with a short pause he now has a potential Brady look alike in Mac Jones and the Pats are on the upswing again.

Ditka was a good leader and a motivator but not a great strategist.  Too compensate for that he had some of the very best talent as coordinators and assistant coaches that the NFL had to offer.  We did attract top coaching talent in that era and that was a big part of our success.

My point is a belief that whoever we have on our coaching staff working under a HC is every bit as important as the HC himself and I believe this is true league wide.  My belief is also that when you hire top OC/DC with a major ego problem it can hurt you in any number of ways.

Maybe this is why I keep coming back to guys like a Dave Toub who has always come up with ways to make a fine chicken dinner out of left over parts of the roster and annually coaching some of the best ST units in the NFL.  Like John Harbaugh he's more of a generalist type HC prospect.

Even Halas himself was highly dependent on others to help him come up with unique offenses that caused a monumental shift in how to defend against them.  Could Matt Nagy have become a better HC had he been more willing to defer to others schemes and game plans?  I dunno?

I'm just drawing on my own personal experiences in life where I've learned that very often hiring the best people means just that.  Forget about specialization and simply hire intelligent hard working people who will always find ways to succeed simply because it's how they're built and function.  During the McCaskey Era we have seldom if ever done this.  The results are obvious.

I have other thoughts on this as well but I'll save them for another response.

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35 minutes ago, soulman said:

Maybe this is why I keep coming back to guys like a Dave Toub who has always come up with ways to make a fine chicken dinner out of left over parts of the roster and annually coaching some of the best ST units in the NFL.  Like John Harbaugh he's more of a generalist type HC prospect.

I don’t know a LOT about Toub except that he seems to be respected around the league and his units perform well. I’m wondering if it might be his time to get an HC shot.

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8 hours ago, Madmike90 said:

The more I look at the situation of this franchise the more I hate the risk of taking a guy from the college game who doesn't have NFL experience as a head coach...ownership seem to be at it worst right now and I wonder if an inexperienced coach would just be eaten up and spat out by it...

Only college guy I trust right now to come into this mess would be Jim Harbaugh.

I can’t see them being thrilled about another unproven coordinator.

At least these guys have run a program.

My guess is all of them would tell the Bears to pound sand.

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7 minutes ago, WindyCity said:

I can’t see them being thrilled about another unproven coordinator.

At least these guys have run a program.

My guess is all of them would tell the Bears to pound sand.

I just feel that history shows it is a very different gig running a college team to an NFL one.

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Josh McDaniels – NE Patriots Offensive Coordinator


2021 Pats Offence Rankings (to date)

17th Overall in Total YPG - 351.8 YPG

6th Overall in PPG - 27.3 YPG

5th in 3rd Down Conversion - 45.77%

16th Overall in Passing YPG - 235.5 YPG

17th Overall in Passing Attempts - 359 attempts

8th Overall in YPPA – 7.7 YPP

2nd Overall in Passing Completion Percentage – 70.75%

14th Overall in Rushing YPG - 116.3 YPG

8th Overall in Rushing Attempts - 310 attempts

20th Overall in Rushing Yards per Attempt - 4.1 YPA

9th Best in Sacks Allowed – 22


Coaching History

As a coach:

  • Michigan State (1999)
    Graduate assistant

  • New England Patriots (2001)
    Personnel assistant

  • New England Patriots (20022003)
    Defensive assistant

  • New England Patriots (2004)
    Quarterbacks coach

  • New England Patriots (20052008)
    Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach

  • Denver Broncos (20092010)
    Head coach

  • St. Louis Rams (2011)
    Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach

  • New England Patriots (20122019)
    Offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach

  • New England Patriots (2020)
    Offensive coordinator

  • New England Patriots (2021–present)
    Offensive coordinator & quarterbacks coach




Sustained Offensive Production – Not many of the candidates we will be looking at this offseason can claim the sustained offensive production that McDaniels can as the Pats offensive coordinator…McDaniel took over the role in 2005-2008 producing the 6th, 11th, 1st & 5th offence in Total Yards per Game with the 10th, 5th, 1st & 7th best scoring offence…that was enough to convince the Denver Broncos to hire McDaniels as their Head Coach…more on that later…4 years later and he was back in New England and picked things up right where he left off…

2012: 1st in Total Yards…1st in Scoring Offence.

2013: 6th in Total Yards…2nd in Scoring Offence.

2014: 10th in Total Yards…1st in Scoring Offence.

2015: 9th in Total Yards…3rd in Scoring Offence.

2016: 4th in Total Yards…3rd in Scoring Offence.

2017: 1st in Total Yards…2nd in Scoring Offence.

2018: 4th in Total Yards…4th in Scoring Offence.

2019: 14th in Total Yards…7th in Scoring Offence.

2020: 26th in Total Yards…27th in Scoring Offence.

10 out of 13 times the Pats have been in the top ten of total offence…more impressively 12 out of 13 seasons in the top ten of scoring offence…no offensive coordinator who plays under a defensive head coach can claim that much success over that length of time with ever changing players…now the one near constants has been Tom Brady which of course helps considering he is the greatest of all time however McDaniels has consistently been the driving force behind adapting and changing the scheme that Brady and co play in…he understands how to adapt and be versatile in his approach and when you really deep dive into the Pats offence they production very rarely comes from the same people in back to back years…they pivot to who gives them the best change to win in any given situation…I have detailed this in the offensive scheme and philosophy section.


QB Development & Teacher -

Anytime you hear a players speak about McDaniels one of the most consistent word you hear is teacher…everyone says this guy is an excellent teach…fantastic at preparation and details wither that be coaching a physical technique or discussion how a receiver should read a coverage on an option route…that type of detail orientated teaching is exact what this young offence needs even outside of Fields who will of course be the main guy we need McDaniels to work with…let’s go through his history with young QBs…people seem to forget how long McDaniels and Tom Brady we together…in 2004 McDaniels became the QB coach in NE…it was Brady’s 4th season in the NFL and the first where Brady averaged better than 7 yards per attempt at 7.8YPA…the first time Brady broke a QB Rating of 90…the first time he didn’t have more than 10 fumbles on the season as ball security was a major issue early in Tom’s career…from there he just keep getting better and better but there is no doubt there was a step change when McDaniels took over coaching him in those key areas…2008 comes around and Brady goes down in the 1st game of the season…enter Matt Cassel…an UDFA out of USC who signed with the Pats in 2005 who attempted a grand total of 33 college passes in 4 years…Cassel was a pet project for McDaniels who thought he had the right physical attributes to develop…in his first 3 NFL seasons he played in mob up duty attempting just 39 passes…now he found himself at the helm of the #1 scoring and total offence in football…Cassel fitted in seamlessly…the Pats didn’t scale back the passing attempts with Cassel throwing the ball 516 times completing 63.4% of his passes for 3,693 yards along with 21 TDs and 11 INTs and leading the offence to being the 7th best scoring offence and 5th best offence in the NFL…Cassel said of McDaniels…

“No. 1, he’s a great person and he relates well to players, but in terms of him as a coach, one of his biggest strengths is his ability to teach,” Cassel said. “There’s guys that can go through a play, but not really know how to detail it, teach it, and have you fully understand conceptually why you’re going a certain place with the ball. Or why you’re making this check.

“He tells you the expectation of the [quarterback] room. From there, every single day he has something new and creative to keep your mind going, to keep you learning. He challenges you. By doing that, you grow so much as a player.”

“My rookie year going into my second year, I spent a whole offseason with Josh,” Cassel said. “He would set up unique drills that are unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. He’d have me call out plays in a two-minute situation. We’d work down the field and he’d say, ‘We have a second-and-6, what do you like here?’ We’d work all the way down to the red zone and it was ‘What’s your top two red zone calls?’ … It makes you think about situational football, why you’re calling certain plays, what your go-to plays are, and it allows him to know what you like.”

It is now clear that we are seeing the development of Mac Jones at the position…through 11 games this season Jones has completed 70.2% of his passes for 2540 yards averaging 7.3 YPA with 14 TDs & 8 INTs with a QB rating of 94.7%...Jones was seen as being pro ready but those numbers are massively impressive for any rookie QB especially one who has already attempted 349 passes.

McDaniels as a teacher would be a huge improvement for Justin Fields.


Previous Head Coaching Experience – So we will go over the obvious negatives of McDaniels’ Head Coaching experience in the weaknesses section however let’s look at the positives…as much as guys like Daboll & Moore have been excellent offensive coordinators for a long time they have never faced the pressures of being a Head Coach in the NFL…the situation with our ownership/GM/HC is clearly not good right now…the idea of brining in someone who has never done it before presents a far higher risk that a guy who might not have been a great head coach the first time round but at least knows what to expect when things are tough…he has walked into a bad situation in the past and will have learned a lot from that situation…it’s basically impossible to gain that experience without having lived through it.


The Opinion’s of the GOATs – Every one of us can have our opinions on McDaniels…some good…some bad…but none of us can have as important or relevant of an opinion as IMO the greatest football player of all time and the greatest head coach of all time…here is what Brady & Belichick have to say about McDaniels…

Tom Brady said, “He and I are extremely comfortable with one another. He’s a great coach. I love being coached by him. He comes prepared every single day. He’s always got something new to add to us. He brings a lot of energy to our offense. He’s a great coach.”

“I see why there is a lot of interest and there should be because I think he’s the best in the NFL,” Brady said, via Ryan Hannable of WEEI. “Great coaches get opportunities and he’s fortunate to be in a position where he should get them because he’s earned it. I would hate to lose him, but I think it’s always aspirational for a coach because it’s great to lead a team, lead an organization.

“He’s been spectacular in every way for me. I could never be the player that I am without him and he challenges me every week. I have so much confidence in him as a coach and his abilities and the way he leads our offense. He’s spectacular and it would be tough to lose him. We certainly aren’t going to lose him in the next two weeks. Like I said, I hope he doesn’t for my own personal sake, but I can understand all those reasons why these other teams would want him to lead their organization.”


Belichick offered some effusive praise of McDaniels on Friday, describing how the offensive coordinator is always "a step ahead" in noticing potential on-field adjustments -- much like Belichick's former coaching partner and close friend, Nick Saban.

"It’s kind of like Saban when we were in Cleveland," Belichick said, as seen in the video above. "Nick knew what every player on the field was doing. He knew what the guard keys were. He knew what the running back was keying. He knew what the nose guard was doing. He knew what everybody on the field was doing.

"Josh is kind of the same way. He knows what all 11 guys are doing on offense, what their keys are, what their adjustments are and all that. And he knows defensively how the guy is taught to play certain blocks or routes or reads and how to attack them."

"I don’t think he really has any weaknesses as a coach," Belichick said. "He understands what every player on the field is doing on offense and defense. He has a great vision for how to utilize the skills of the players on his side of the ball and how to try to attack the weaknesses, whether it be personnel weaknesses or schematic weaknesses or how to try to force the opponent into a situation that he’s able to take advantage of.

"... Josh is creative. He’s a very forward thinker. He’s got great poise during the game. He never gets rattled, never loses track of the situation. He’s always a play or two ahead."



Ancient History – McDaniels got his first crack at a Head Coaching gig from the Denver Broncos in 2009 when he was just 33 Years Old…he immediately tried to do his best Bill Belichick impression and implement a tough no nonsense style on his locker room and when making personnel decisions…McDaniels looked to get rid of Jay Culter in favour of Matt Cassel…when Cutler found out he went to Broncos’ owner Pat Bowlen and explained he no longer want to play for the Broncos…the trade for Cassel fell through and Cutler was traded to us instead…the following year McDaniels traded away Peyton Hillis, Tony Scheffler & Brandon Marshall…Marshall following a fallen out and benching…Broncos fans were livid…but should they have been? I mean let’s be honest was Cutler ever going to be a franchise QB? We never saw it…was trading Hillis or Scheffler as deal breaker in the grand scheme of things? No…and was McDaniels the first or last coach Brandon Marshall fell out with? No…even other players who didn’t like McDaniels said they have never been more prepared for a game week in week out than under McDaniels…he was an excellent teacher and game planner…the criticism was that players didn’t want to run through walls for him…that is somewhat concerning but if you ask a player like Tom Brady if they would run through a wall for McDaniels the answer would 100% be yes…sometimes that has to come from within and individual…you hope your head coach can bring that out of your team and it is one of the things we hope as a leader he has developed over the last 10 years but with most people in life there will be mixed opinions…there was also an incident where the video editor of the Broncos decided to film the Dolphins practice ahead of their game in London…he then presented the tape to McDaniels who didn’t watch it or allow anyone else on staff to do so…the issue was he never reported the incident to the NFL which was undoubtedly wrong…but ask yourself the question…would you? Would you report your own staff for breaking a rule? What would that do to the teams view of you? How would fans feel about you if you snitched on your own team? It’s a really tricky one…McDaniels was fined $50,000 dollars and it is reportedly one of the main reasons he was then fired…moving on to the next controversy with McDaniels and it’s with the Colts in 2018…in an ironic twist of events some around the league felt we were leaning towards McDaniels as our head coach with the Colts set to appoint Matt Nagy…instead we pivoted to Nagy and the Colts then offered the job to their 2nd choice of McDaniels…McDaniels then accepted this role before receiving a call from both Bill Belichick who assured McDaniels of an even bigger role on staff and Robert Kraft who not only upped his pay but also assured McDaniels that he was the future head coach of the Pats when Belichick decided he wanted to hang it up…that information was a huge change for McDaniels along with the news that Colts’ QB Andrew Luck was going to have further surgery and was thinking about retirement (which he did after the 2018 season) McDaniels then rejected the job…I can understand why he changed his mind given the circumstances…who would you rather coach Brady or Jacob Bissett who was the #3 in NE? Who would you rather coach the superbowl champion Pats or the rebuilding just lost your franchise QB Colts? Especially when Kraft is paying you around the same salary? McDaniels said of the situation…

“Chris (Ballard) was tremendous the whole entire time,’’ McDaniels said of the Colts general manager. “He’s an incredible human being. He’s great at what he does. He’s going to be successful. It was difficult. I had a friendship with him — I still do ... He’s a guy that I have a lot of respect for and admiration for. He was a big reason why I was interested in that job in the first place. It was as difficult a decision as I’ve ever made professionally. He handled it extremely well, he was a complete professional about it.’’

“The opportunity to stay here and work for who I think is the greatest owner in sports and the best head football coach in the history of our game, to work with the best quarterback that has ever played (Tom Brady) ... Look, I’m privileged to have the opportunity to do that and when they kind of crystallized that — ‘Hey, here’s what we see going forward and here’s how we would like you to fit into it’ — it gave me a reason to stop and say, ‘all right, what’s the best decision for me?’ And certainly it was difficult. But I made the decision on my own, nobody pushed me into it,’’ McDaniels said.

McDaniels also had to notify assistant coaches the Colts already had on board, primarily defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus.

“I spoke to all of them that night right away, shortly after I talked to Chris,’’ McDaniels said. “They were professionals. Like I said, it wasn’t easy for anybody. I apologized to them if it put them in an awkward position. They’re all there (in Indianapolis), which I’m very happy about. They have great opportunities, they’re great coaches, they’re great people, and I’m happy that it worked out for them in that regard.

“Again, it was never my intention to go into this and put anybody in an awkward position or do any harm to anybody or do anything to hurt anybody’s career. That certainly wasn’t a part of my thought process. I just felt like, once I knew the whole picture and I had the opportunity to make a decision, it was tough but I feel like I made the right one.’’

I very much so believed McDaniels was a a prick before properly digging into the circumstances of both these situations…as much as at the time his decisions can certainly be questioned looking back you have to see that in some ways he made the right calls.


The “New England Stink” – Much like with Brian Daboll and to even more of an extent questions have to be asked about McDaniels being able to do it outside of New England and under the watchful eye of Bill Belichick…again I think there is only so much to be gained from reviewing McDaniels offences in both Denver & St. Louis simply because it was so long ago and the NFL has changed so much…I feel McDaniels has changed so much since then…however there is no question that front office personnel and coaches who have left New England rarely if ever…the two who have been part of the “Patriot Way” who have faired the best have been guys who moved on to other places before taking on their GM/HC role in Jon Robinson & Mike Vrabel (who never coached for the Pats) in Tennessee…it can work but it takes commitment from top to bottom and there is a higher risk of failure than with most (is that just down to so many people attempting it tho).


Potential Coaching Staff

GM – Dave Ziegler…Ziegler isn’t well known but he is the closest thing to a GM the Pats have after Bill Belichick…currently the director of player personnel Ziegler got his break into the NFL when McDaniels got the head coaching gig in Denver before landing with NE…Ziegler & McDaniels have been really close since the late 90s when they were teammates at John Carroll…Ziegler is known for being straight talking and a quality talent evaluator…Roman Phifer would also be an outside bet.

DL/AHC – Jay Rodgers…Rodgers was excellent when her was here from 2015-2020 he has continued to build his reputation under Brandon Staley in LA and would make an ideal #2 to McDaniels who he was on staff within Denver as a coaching assistant.

ST/AHC – Joe Judge…Judge will be out in NY at the end of the year and I highly doubt will get another shot at being an HC however he is one of the best special teams coaches in the NFL and his experience as a HC is never a bad thing to have on staff.

OC – Chad O’Shea…O’Shea is a guy who if you ask fans of Miami or Cleveland for their opinion of him you probably won’t get a glowing endorsement…some will sight his prickly nature or his overly complex scheme as the issue but there is no doubt he is viewed highly in the NFL…I wouldn’t trust him as a play caller but with McDaniels here that isn’t an issue…O’Shea is an excellent teacher especially at WR where we will be rebuilding this offseason.

OC - Mick Lombardi…Lombardi is the Pats current WR coach and viewed highly by McDaniels who commends the fact that he sees football in many of the same ways as he does when it comes to coaching…he clearly sees a lot of himself in Mick and could give him the job to continue that education.

DC – Matt Patricia…Patricia was a terrible head coach but for a long term and excellent DC in New England…as much as Bill Belichick will always be the key to that defence it isn’t a coincidence that it is better now than it was when Patricia was away…Patricia is another excellent teach which seems to be the biggest thing missing from this current coaching staff.

DC – Jerod Mayo…If we want an up-and-coming coach who is looking for a opportunity to become a coordinator then probably a head coach within the next few years Mayo would be a quality pick up…Mayo was a really good player for a long time and seems to have brought that into his coaching career…risk is he has never called plays so I would prefer someone like Patricia.

DC – Brian Flores…Flores has had a rough season in Miami and could be able to be let go…if that is the case I feel he would make a really good DC and member of McDaniels coaching staff given his experience as a head coach…as bad as this season has been 2020 the Dolphins defence was #4 is scoring D so there is potential there…especially if he could convince current NYG DC Patrick Graham to come with him.


Offensive Scheme & Philosophies

I love McDaniels “scheme” because he has no scheme…in his own words his job is to take his teams variables and put them in a position to beat the opponents’ variables on a weekly basis…to do that McDaniels has shown over the years he can take different players at different positions and make them successful…2012 NE were 7th in Rushing Yards & 2nd in Rushing Attempts per game which saw Steven Ridley top 1,200 yards with 18 TDs on the season…2013 it was all change with the Pats becoming extremely balanced finishing 8th in Passing Attempts per game & 9th in Rushing Attempts per game…the running game became by committee with no RB topping 800 yards…2014…rushing attack basically became non existent finishing 13th in attempts with no RB over 500 yards…however enter Gronk who topped 1,100 yards and 12 TDs…2015 and Gronk put up similar numbers but the offence continued to change going from 13th in Passing Attempts per game to 4th which a renewed emphasis on the short quick passing game…Edelman & Amendola having almost 90 targets a piece and gaining almost 700 yards each…2016 no Gronk? No problem…back to the running game with LeGarrette Blount going for over 1,100 yards and 18 TD…they created opportunity for Edelman with 159 targets with him topping 1,100 yard receiving…2017 no Blount or Edelman? No problem…Gronk is back so we pivot to the TE spot with him going for over 1,000 yards…Brandin Cooks also comes in and goes for over 1,000 yards…the running game that was so successful in 2016 mainly behind one man? Now replaced by 4 different RBs using their skill sets to not only go for a combined 1,600 yards on the ground but also over 1,000 yards through the air…2018 and the most targeted player in the Pats passing game? RB James White with 123 targets as he finishes first on the team for receiving TDs and 2nd in receiving yards while having less than 100 rushing attempts…the ball was spread around more than usual with six players having more than 45 targets on the season…2019 and Edelman is back up to full speed with 153 targets and 100 receptions…James White continues to be a threat out of the backfield but the TE spot has almost completely disappeared from the passing attack with just 53 targets to all TEs throughout the whole season…2020 and Brady is gone…the offence has 82 more rushing attempts than passing with three players going for over 500 yard rushing on the season…Jacobi Meyers becomes the most targeted receiver and instead of being in inside guy he plays mainly on the outside…2021 so far…Mac Jones takes over from Cam Newton and we are back to old school Pats football…they line up with a FB…they have 3 RBs averaging over 4 yards a carry…the ball is being spread about again with 6 players already over 30 targets on the season and the TE is back as a redzone weapon with Hunter Henry turning 33 receptions into 7 TDs…that ability to change the focal point of your offence basically year in year out is extremely impressive…to run guys in and out due to losing people in FA or injury and still continue to be productive is exactly what you need for long term success…yes having Brady was a massive factor…but the plays still need to be designed to get guys open for Brady to find…the teaching of what will be different from one year/game to the next still has to be done and McDaniels has shown a clear ability to do that…people will point to this recent history and say he can’t use outside receivers…well go further back and Randy Moss would say different…two TE sets when Gronk & Hernandez were taking over the league…run heavy…short passing and attacking the middle of the field…McDaniels offence has done it all and being able to come here…evaluate the talent we have…then design an offence to fit it has to be the key to getting Fields and co in the best possible position to succeed.

What would we Need to Change to Help McDaniels’ Offence Succeed?

The one constant in New England amongst all the change over the years has been rock solid offensive line play…they are the one team in the NFL who above all others have understood the importance of keeping your QB up right…they might not have the biggest or most athletic offensive lines but they have also had tough and smart players up front…we would need to continue to build the OL to help keep Fields up right to run McDaniels’ scheme…hopefully they will be big and athletic but we also need to make sure they understand their assignments and can adapt when needed…outside of that I would expect McDaniels to build his offence to us…I would expect us to see some of what he did with Cam Newton in the QB run game…I would expect him to use Monty, Herbert & potentially Williams out of the backfield in the passing game…I would hope Kmet would become more of a factor…he would use Mooney in the slot where his quickness would be at it’s best…probably find another similar WR or possibly another TE…the running game use a FB or H-TE as a blocker and run outside zone…basically get him the most talented guys and let him decide how to use them.


The concern with McDaniels is obvious…do I read a ton into what happened in Denver? No due to it being over 10 years ago and some of his decisions that were controversial at the time now seeming pretty justified…the 2018 incident of backing out of the Colts job is the one that concerns me to a point but again a lot of information changed for McDaniels from the Colts, Belichick & Kraft and you can only make decisions on the information you have…I also think listening to him and the people that really know him he has grown as a coach and as a leader…when you have guys like Belichick saying he learns from him and Brady calling him a brother you have to take that seriously…that is the two best to ever do it saying this guy is for real…I think it is clear McDaniels would be an excellent candidate to develop Fields and design and offence that suits him…can he handle coaching the full team even with the excellent coaching staff he should be able to assemble? That is the risk you take but IMO it could be one that is well worth it.

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57 minutes ago, IotaNet said:

I don’t know a LOT about Toub except that he seems to be respected around the league and his units perform well. I’m wondering if it might be his time to get an HC shot.

I don't know either.  Many have questioned why he's been passed over before if he is a good HC prospect.  I have no answer other than to ask why was Vic Fangio passed over for many years and if the Ravens had never hired John Harbaugh would anyone else have hired him?

Ditka was Landry's STC but he was also his Asst HC so what did Tom Landry see in Mike Ditka others may not have.  What about him allowed GSH to risk losing Jim Finks over hiring Mike Ditka and of course he did lose Finks over it.

Why did GSH believe a one eyed weak armed college QB was a kid who could win his Beloved Bears a SB?  Why? Halas spent years evaluating talent and acquired some of the best talent in the game as well as top notch coaches.

What other HC once had Sid Luckman, Johnny Lujack, and Bobby Layne as his QBs.  Two are HOF'ers and had Lujack not quit after four years he may also have been one.  Who else drafted players like **** Butkus and Gale Sayers #3 and #4 in a college draft?

The McCaskeys have none of the innate football knowledge and talent George Halas had. They are far more like their father Ed McCaskey who though well liked was called by GSH one of the dumbest SOBs he'd ever met.

So it's McCaskey genes running the Bears now and that have been since 1983.  The Halas genes are absent and always have been.

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9 hours ago, Madmike90 said:

The more I look at the situation of this franchise the more I hate the risk of taking a guy from the college game who doesn't have NFL experience as a head coach...ownership seem to be at it worst right now and I wonder if an inexperienced coach would just be eaten up and spat out by it...

Only college guy I trust right now to come into this mess would be Jim Harbaugh.

Harbaugh makes a lot of sense to me. NFL success and credibility. Runs an NFL offense. Success with a comparable skill set with Kaepernick. Will command locker room respect right away from vets. Has a Bears history (an unnecessary desire from the front office in the past). He’ll cost top dollar and probably want to pick his own GM which would give us the chance to get Pace out of the equation even if the team wants to “promote” him instead of fire him. 

There’s risk with any hire but unlike other retread options Harbaugh has already shown the ability to multitask the QB development stuff and the HC-specific stuff. Plus he’s bring stability for Fields at least through the rookie deal. Even the meathead fans would like it. 

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9 hours ago, dll2000 said:

McCaskey makes a lot of noise that he wants to be like Pittsburgh and build a program, but he can't get off the 4 - 5 year coach/GM carousel.



Which is probably why he has kept both Pace and Nagy on longer than he should have because he buys into this Pittsburgh model, which is definitely a good model if you can get it right but clearly that hasn't worked out for them and it rarely works out for most teams.

The only two teams that can claim this model are Pittsburgh and New England.

That being said for me personally I believe you should have a pretty good idea how a GM is after 5 years and how a HC is after 3 years on the job, therefore if it's clear its not working then reset and don't drag it on longer than you need to just for the sake of continuity.

It was painfully obvious that at least Nagy had to go last offseason but we were told some straight BS to our faces as to why both he and Pace were the right men for the jobs and to lead this team.

Its beyond me how an NFL owner cannot see these things or just chooses to be ignorant about it.

Where is the drive the be the best and win?  To me this way of operating is spineless and lacks balls.

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27 minutes ago, topwop1 said:

That being said for me personally I believe you should have a pretty good idea how a GM is after 5 years and how a HC is after 3 years on the job, therefore if it's clear its not working then reset and don't drag it on longer than you need to just for the sake of continuity.

Then it's imperative to stop handing out 5 year deals to a HC.  Do 4 years instead.

If by year three your team isn't on the right road you can 1) Fire the HC and pay off his remaining year, or 2) Keep him on while you decide on who should replace him.

Whenever a HC prospect like Nagy claims that it will take 4 years to teach his system to his team move on.  He's not your guy.  If when I was first hired as a division manager I said it would take 4 years for me to show a profit I would never have gotten the job.

Even under Nagy's formula had he ever shown progress each of his four years he'd be looking at an extension right now not the unemployment line.  I might go longer for a GM with a rep for being one of the NFLs top dogs but again I expect progress each year toward a specific goal.

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Another GM for McDaniels is Eliot Wolf. 


Spent years in GB in major roles for like 13 years (up to Director of Football Ops), was an Ast Gen Manager in CLE and has worked as a consultant for NE the last few years. 

Dude has a wealth of knowledge and is in my short list for GMs. 

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Im also agreement with @soulman too. You have no reason to give 5 year deals to HCs unless you're getting someone like Sean Payton in a trade or something else off the wall. Go 3 or 4 years and be done with it. If there is progression they get an extension based on success. 

If for some reason the GM comes in and the HC is entrenched for a year at least then he needs a 4 or 5 years deal. I can see that. But I'd rather keep initial deals short and then give major extensions to guys to reward success. If they have been "good enough" then just go with 2 year extensions until they earn a bigger one or show you need to move on. 

Mistakes can still happen but are easier to eat than a 5 year deal to a trash HC like Nagy. 

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