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Our New Head Coach

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29 minutes ago, Madmike90 said:

Of course it doesn't considering when Dave was hired in 1993 and George only became Chairman in 2011...this idea that a family just keeps doing the same thing over and over is blown out the water when you consider how good Halas was and how bad the McCaskey's seem to be...time to move on from marking time and bring this franchise into the modern day.

Yes, Wannstadt was hired in 1993 by Mikey McCaskey whom Ginny had to eventually remove from his role when he screwed up a coaching hire with Dave McGinnis prior to our hiring **** Jauron.  But prior to that Mikey and Wanny had seven seasons of screwing things up and Mikey even longer before Wanny came along.

So Mikey actually screwed up three coaching hires.  #1 was replacing Ditka with Wanny.  #2 was screwing up the Dave McGinnis hire.  And #3 was hiring Jauron.

Here's the poop on him if you care to read it.

Michael B. McCaskey[1] (December 11, 1943 – May 16, 2020) was an American sports executive who was the chairman of the Chicago Bears in the National Football League from 1999 until 2011.[2]


McCaskey, son of current Bears principal owner Virginia Halas McCaskey and former Chicago Bears chairman Ed McCaskey, was the oldest grandchild of George Halas. He became president of the Bears in 1983 after Halas' death. McCaskey held that post until 1999, when he succeeded his father Ed as Chairman of the Board until 2011.[3] He was the brother of current Bears Chairman George McCaskey.[4]

McCaskey frequently clashed with Mike Ditka, who had been hired by Halas, but the volatile coach retained his job with an extension in 1984; the Bears won Super Bowl XX the following season, while McCaskey was named Sporting News executive of the year, the first Bears executive to receive the honor since Halas in 1956.[5]McCaskey finally fired Ditka after a losing season in 1992. Ditka's replacement was McCaskey's first coaching hire, Dave Wannstedt, who was a heavily-sought-after candidate by several teams. However, after a 1994 playoff appearance, the Bears posted more losing seasons; Wannstedt was fired after the 1998 season and, after a botched hiring of Dave McGinnis, McCaskey was stripped of much of his operational responsibilities and limited to the position of chairman of the board.

GMcC replaced Mikey as COB in 2011 and so far he's presided over the firing of Lovie Smith whose second only to Ditka and GSH himself in winning percentage and Jerry Angelo under whom we did make it to one SB and came with one game of a second one. The hiring a firing of Phil Emery and Marc Trestman.  And the hiring of Ryan and two HC.  John Fox and Matt Nagy.  One fired and Nagy only playing out the year before he too will be gone.

So....you tell me, or better yet show me were any McCaskey whose been in charge of this team in some capacity has ever shown they even have a small clue of how to get themselves out of the rut they've created since 1983.  They're like an airplane who periodically becomes airborne only to crash back to earth soon after and it has repeated itself ad nauseum since at least 1993 if not before.

47 minutes ago, Madmike90 said:

this idea that a family just keeps doing the same thing over and over is blown out the water when you consider how good Halas was and how bad the McCaskey's seem to be...time to move on from marking time and bring this franchise into the modern day.

That's a nice idea Mike and one I'm highly in favor of but just how do you propose to do it when it's the same people who've been screwing up for all these years who still run and own the team?  Look at their W/L record and then tell me it's over blown.  Facts are facts Mike.

You want to move on?  Here's how we do it.

Hire an Exec VP of football ops and keep Teddy Bears even farther away from anything football related except a new stadium and hope he doesn't mess that up again.

Give said Exec VP total control over all team ops including the hiring and firing of a GM, a HC and staff, and all player personnel and scouting functions.  Some of these functions will be shared in by the GM and hopefully the HC as well.

The McCaskeys, assuming the still refuse to sell controlling interest, need to become the "silent partner" owners with no need to conduct pressers or do anything more than attend games and promote the Chicago Bears.

That's how you do and IMHO until that's been done just figure it's more of the same old BOHICA all over again.  They can't successfully manage a business and a sports team they simply don't have the skills to run.

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1 hour ago, Madmike90 said:

Sean Payton would be the dream...with what he is working with this season in terms of talent due to injures is so far away from NFL standard it is unbelievable...he is an elite HC...

Of the more realistic options McDaniels has to be #1 IMO...love what he is going with that Pats offence right now and I think he is ready to strike out on his own...give him control over the roster to seal the deal if he wants it.

Don't stay strike out! lol


Josh McDaniels checks off everything I want in a head coach this go round:

Previous head coaching experience: 2 years
Extensive coaching experience: 22 years
Learning under a tremendous mentor: 18 years with Bill Belichick
Proven success with QBs not named Brady: Coached Matt Cassel, Jimmy Garoppolo and Mac Jones
Documented success as a play-caller with an understanding of run-pass balance

He might want more power/say, and I'm fine with it at this point. I also think Pace isn't much of an alpha in the room so he won't have an issue giving up some power to McDaniels so he can focus on scouting and drafting.

McDaniels is 45 years old, which is 2 years older than Sean Payton was when he took over the New Orleans Saints. Let's pair him up with Justin Fields for the next 10-15+ years and build a ******* dynasty.  Former GMs like Michael Lombardi blast us because he claims we have no identity, no sense of direction. That is supposed to come from your Executives, but George and Ted don't have a pulse on that and Ryan is too hell-bent on collaboration. Josh McDaniels having a vision and knowing what he wants is perfect to cure what ails the founding franchise of the NFL.

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53 minutes ago, Madmike90 said:

I guess that's where we differ...if I see a problem that I am qualified to fix I don't want to just want to keep my hands clean...I would rather get in there and improve a company’s practices or ethics...improve the quality of the product or the service and makes it a better company for everyone...

If I have the relevant experience to coach the Bears or any franchise I would in a heartbeat to try and change the culture and make things better...would I fail? Perhaps...but no one ever succeeded by not trying.

Nice sentiments Mike but first you have to be allowed to do all those things and IMHO there's the rub.  Will those who outrank you permit you to do it?  If not then all you've got is a road to hell paved with good intentions.

When Prudential recruited me I gave them my ethical standards and those things I would need to have at my disposal to be successful working for them.  They promised me that I would have them then reneged before the ink was dry on the transfer forms required to move my licenses to them. They lied and cheated at every turn.

I had the skills to make a difference for them and also to teach and train others like me how to do it better.  But they didn't really want that at all.  It wasn't as profitable or so they thought.  They were in serious legal and regulatory trouble due to scamming clients to sell more insurance.  So they feigned improvements by hiring people like me but then refused to change.  It would be like working for Donald Trump. Pru was a fraud too.

Trying is a great platitude but in business, or sports, if you fail you get fired and there are no participation trophies.  IMHO when you accept a job you gotta know going in what it will take to make it a success for you and your employer.  If you lack any of the tools to do that you lose and in effect so do they but you're out on the street while they carry on and in the NFL they cannot fail so you lose alone.

I've left other situations as well and I've even fired clients because they refused to cooperate with me on how I needed to manage their accounts in order to succeed.  It's cost me money over the years but I've never had to defend myself to anyone legally or to regulators and in nearly every instance I hit goals I set out to achieve doing it my way but also with all of the support I needed to do it my way.  Whenever that failed I moved on rather than to be taken down with it.

I'm gonna wrap this up with one more question.  When Matt Nagy was hired he was one of the top HC prospects that year.  Once he's been let go by the Bears what do think his chances are of getting another HC job anytime soon?

If as Moose Muhammed once said Chicago is where WR come to die I wonder if the same can't be said about it's HC as well.  Check out their fortunes after having left Chicago.  Wanny never an NFL HC again, Jauron did get a HC job in Buffalo but lasted only 3 seasons with a similar record to that of coaching the Bears, Lovie Smith lasted two years as HC in Tampa Bay then 5 losing years at Illinois as HC and now a DC again at Houston.  Trestman went back to Canada and Fox hung it up.....thank God.

So there is always a career risk involved with any management level job anyone accepts and it's more ingrained in the NFL than it is running a Dairy Queen Franchise or most any other middle management position.  What I'm saying here is that prospects will also consider that and if not then it's their career they're risking coming in to fix what seemingly has never been able to be fixed as is.


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