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Week 4: TEN vs NYJ

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13 hours ago, jetfuel34 said:

Yes I will take 8 wins and give the guy 20 mill. YES!!! Then you build of this around Darnold. You do know that we have 13 wins in the last 3 years so a 8 win season would be HUGE. Also this team is better than Gase clown show. First off you have C. Davis who can be really good. He is probably our best WR in the last 4 years if not more. The D is A LOT better this year overall. The RB's are way better. The OL has always been a problem but I still think the OL is better this year than last year. Moses himself makes the line better than last year. Ya I am bitter at this team for throwing out junk teams year after year and I want wins NOW! You have had a decade or more to rebuild and this is what we have. I hope Zach does better but like I said in other post. I just don't see this guy being a top 10 QB in the league. Ya he will chuck the ball deep at different angels but that is what people are banking on him being a franchise QB. A franchise QB to me is high completion % low INTs and high TD's. I think Wilson is going to be a guy that puts up 15 or more INTs a season on a regular bases. Like I said before. I'm all done hoping that the Jets do better. I want this team to prove to me that there is hope with a 8 win season fighting for a playoff spot. We as Jet fans deserve this. Anything less should be unacceptable to the fans. NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!! I'm tried of the wait we are rebuilding. Then wait we are rebuilding. Then wait we are rebuilding. Then wait we are rebuilding. 

Sam was a walking TO for 3 seasons so why was he better?  Sam could have won us a few extra games because he's in year 4 not game 4.  

The upside is far better with Wilson and there is no way to know what he will be in year 4 like Sam is.

Zack is not a top 10 QB but Sam is?

We are done rebuilding we are now building.  

I want wins too but I don't want to pay a mediocre QB like Darnold 25M which is probably what it's going to take to keep him if he has a solid year.  Sam will never be the guy to carry you like the great QBs.

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Darnold’s stats looked decent against the cowboys last week. 300yrds a couple of TD/INT. However in reality the game was done by the 3rd quarter. Most of his yards were in garbage time and his two TD’s were late in the 4th with the game over. 

This is why when casuals look and think we’d be so much better with Sam they are not looking at the whole picture. Zach will make mistakes this year and that’s all part of his growth. Sam was making those same mistakes for 3/4 years so it made sense to move on.

The panthers have a really good team so a decent qb can get them some wins but I don’t see them challenging for championships because in late December and in playoff games when the games on the line Sam has not shown he’s good enough to go toe to toe with the top qbs. 

If we are debating about Sam then surely we should look at Teddy Bridgewater in Denver and think ‘we should of kept him’. But in reality he’s on a stacked team and when the playoffs come around he will have to prove he can win by himself. Something he and Sam have never done and have been in the league a lot longer than Zach!!!

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