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SNF: Goat Bowl, Brady v Belichick, Most overhyped Week 4 game - ever?


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Its truly pathetic that people believe the loser butthurt media's Belichick as boogeyman stories.


Bill said it best to Chris and Al this week. We have a 20 year relationship and these people want to take 10 seconds of this conversation and 5 seconds of this conversation and say it defines the relationship.

Bill is telling the truth here. The media is trying to make money by lying to you or exaggerating about BB and Brady.

Landry always saw Staubach as just another cog in his machine. Bill saw Brady as an incredible player, person, and leader. (see Dallas platoon QB at the start and Landry still telling him not to run in 1979)

If you can't see the difference then you have some serious empathy issues.


Belichick will warm up and talk for 20 minutes sometimes when a reporter asks a good question.

He will talk football history all day long.

He has countless friends in the game. Coaches and players who leave him for better opportunities are almost always eager to come back. The ones who don't want to come back are usually broken people with their own problems.

The Reggie Waynes of the world who don't want to be around him choose to be soft and comfy instead because winning is not worth the hard work to them at that point for whatever reason. Its not because Bill will be mean to them. Its because the hard work is too much for them.

Look up what Chris Long had to say about him and the team after LI

Read what Randy Moss has to say about him.

Listen to the respect and admiration BB has for decades long rivals like Ed Reed or Ray Lewis.

Look up what Blount said about him after LII. Bill sought him out and told him he deserved the win.

He did not have to do that. He made a business decision to let LG walk but he still had respect and friendship for LG even after Blount trucked Patriot defenders in the Super Bowl.


Bill does not tolerate idiots and most of the media are idiots. Then those idiots write stories about how mean he is.

BB shows more passion, respect, and admiration for some rando wing T fullback from 1946 when looking at old film then most of these media clowns show their entire lives. Football is a love of his that was a gift from his father.


By all means, feel free to ignore all this and define BB by what you read from a nothing like Seth Wickersham.

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28 minutes ago, Thelonebillsfan said:

There is no poster on this forum as singularly insufferable all the god damn time as you lol

People have baseless opinions about lots of things.

The 2003 Panthers being a bunch of steroid cheats was proven in court.

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6 hours ago, SkippyX said:

Lombardi, Landry, Noll, Walsh, Belichick, Parcells...

Not a snuggle for a player among the bunch of them.


Why do the little people care so much about the social lives and relationships of the GoaTs?

If you need a coach to bake cookies and knit sweaters then hire your grandma.


Maybe David Culley is good with hugs?

You can win with “friendly” coaches too. Off the top of my head: Tony Dungy, Jimmy Johnson, Pete Carroll, Mike Tomlin (he’s tough and demands accountability, but he’s “player friendly”).

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43 minutes ago, RUGmen said:

I must have missed where Mac Jones played the same defense as Brady. 

NE has way better cornerbacks than Tampa and obviously Bowles has no familiarity with Mac opposed to Belichick with Brady. Brady kind of sucked but there are reasons for it. Mac did well though given the circumstances of no running game. McDaniels called a good game for a change.

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