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2018 mock off season thread, post em here!


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Because honestly, this season is already lost.  Here is mine.

Coaching additions:  John DeFilippo come home, be our new OC!  I loved him when he was here, he could leave Philly for the promotion and come back.  Finally Hue can do the HC job, and Flip can call plays and help coach up our new QB.  Offensive assistant, Josh McCown.  I could not stand this guy before we signed him and I hated the signing.  He earned my respect.  He has a good offensive mind, knows the QB position, will be a great influence on our young QB room and team in general.  He can be tasked with helping lead the team of kids and teaching them what it means to be a professional.  I believe he will be rare in that he will eventually be a much better coach than player.  The rare part is that he played in the leage forever.

Free Agent additions:  Trumaine Johnson, everyone wanted him this year, next year we get him.  Great fit and knows how Williams does things.  Teddy Bridgewater, should come cheap, and we need all of the options at QB that we can get quite frankly.  Terrelle Pryor, he comes home to lick his wounds and let Saunders see if he can coach him into recapturing the magic.

Draft Additions:  number one overall.... surprise!  Saquon Barkley, yes I have changed my tune, I have said since prior to last years draft, we need to use our first pick on a QB.  I have changed my mind for a couple of reasons.  Barkely looks to be a generational talent.  An Adrian Peterson type of player, simply too good to pass up.  Reason 2, this draft is deep at the QB position.  A good prospect should fall to us at Houston's pick.  2nd pick, whoever falls, Darnold, Rosen, Allen, or Jackson (please be Jackson!  It would be fun to have 2 Louisville QBs fighting it out to start.)  Second round picks, Orlando Brown, we have to face the reality that Joe Thomas is a mortal after all, he is getting older, and his talk about deciding his football future in the off season is scary, Brown can take over if Joe leaves, if not, he can either start at RT or be a great reserve.  Ronnie Harrison FS, this allows us to use Peppers more effectively.  Christian Kirk.  I prefer a larger WR, but I don't really like this draft class for WR, and we have Pryor back to be the BMOC (big man on campus).  Kirk should be a great utility man as he has deep speed, good route running for the short game.

How its different?  Our secondary is much improved with the addition of Johnson as #1 CB, and Harrison at FS letting us shift Peppers around.  Strength gets quite a bit stronger.

Our offensive playcalling gets a huge spark and creativity from Flip.  We will finally be able to run the ball with Barkley, and have the passing game to keep defenses from stacking the box.  This also lets us use Duke as more of a pass catcher as we will finally have our true 3 down bell down RB.  Hopefully between whichever rookie QB we land, Bridgewater (hopefully coming back healthy), Kizer, and Kessler, someone can step up and take the spot and run with it for the next 12 years.

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1. Josh Rosen QB UCLA - This should be the pick but I can seriously see them screwing this up and taking Lamar Jackson. Rosen plays in a pro style offense, is pretty accurate and throws a great ball.

1. Christian Kirk WR Texas A&M - we desperately need playmakers on offense. Kirk is fast and competes for the ball. Has good hands. Had nearly 100 receptions in 2016. Would also take Sutton from SMU here.

2. Martinas Rankin OT Miss St. - good combo of size strength and quick feet for a LT prospect. Insurance for Joe in case he's not the same. Allows Drango to continue to be a solid backup.

2. Carlton Davis CB Auburn - Tough press man corner. Tired of watching Taylor on the outside.

2. Sony Michel RB Georgia - 3 down potential RB with pretty fresh legs. Can block, good receiver.

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