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Hello everyone, I had an idea that I think would be a cool addition to this sub-forum and I wanted to post about it and get the thoughts of some users here. Basically I think it'd be cool to have weekly film watching sessions where I or someone else would livestream some film and we could all comment on it together in real time. Some of the questions I had were about the platform and the timing.

For the platform I was thinking maybe twitch could work but I've only used it once or twice so I'm not totally sure. Also I know they shut stuff down for copyright issues so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to livestream stuff on there. So if someone has comments about if twitch would work well for this or has other suggestions for platforms to use, I'm all ears.

As for when we'd do it, I was thinking for now it could be once a week during the weekdays, maybe either Tuesday or Wednesday so it doesn't interfere with football schedules. Then between the end of the football season and the draft I was thinking we could do it twice a week on Tues/Wed and Saturday since more people will be gearing up for the draft by then and would probably want to watch more guys.

And then finally I figured maybe I'd make like a strawpoll every week or something for how we can choose who to watch. So let me know if you'd be interested in this and if anyone has suggestions for how it could be done better, I'm all ears. I think this could be a fun idea.

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