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NBA Bets Thread


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19 minutes ago, Herbie_Hancock said:

Interesting. What’s your bet 

20 on Lavine, 10 bucks on the other two. Haven't really been following much this year but will be watching some games tonight and wanted something to root for 😂


I like Lavine and feel +500 for 30 points is just a good price for him, and I think he'll be showcasing himself for a trade. Rumors are he wants to go to LA

Giannis is a total shot in the dark, but he shows up in big games. He has dropped 40 the last 2 times they played Brooklyn, I could see him throwing it out more often tonight 

RW EATS in garbage time & LA plays Charlotte, so if Lavine balls out like I think he will I'll put some extra on an 8 assists/rebounds same game parlay for RW

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11 hours ago, adamq said:

Zach lavine 30+ points +500 fd

Giannis triple double +2200 DK

Russ Westbrook triple double +1000 fd

Would not have done giannis if I realized Middleton was out, my fault for not paying attention. But Zach looking good

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22 hours ago, adamq said:

Harden 30+ points tonight. Currently +550 at FD, going to shop around but I'll still take it if nothing better is out there. Playing OKC, I think he will put up plenty of shots. Will take a small stab at 35+ if I can find it

After I noticed Harden was out, I saw Butler also wasn't playing for Miami. SGP, Herro 30 points/Bam 6 assists for a +2000 payout.


Herro had 29, Bam had 5


GIF by LoveIndieFilms

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5 hours ago, adamq said:

Seth Curry 15+ points +155

Easily cleared before halftime

Late game, Spurs C Jacob Poeltl 15+ points +230


LA has done well against centers in their last few but they are on a back to back & SA is rested. Jacob will bully em and get some shots up. Considering a small bet on 20 points +900 as well.

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