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Week 05 2021 - GDT - Saints (2-2) @ The Washington Football Team (2-2)

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Riverboat Ron will "welcome" a team he's seen many times, and the Washington Football Team is certainly nothing to overlook.

A few updates the Saints:

  • A new place kicker - Rosas was ditched on Tuesday after going 1-4 on FGs on the year, and missing 3 consecutive. The Saints will be moving forward with Cody "Double Doink" Parkey. Parkey has been a "temp" kicker for quite some time, and is no stranger to filling in for injured kickers.
  • Eric McCoy and Terron Armstead are both out for today's game.
  • Saints brought on 2 new Running Backs as Jones was placed on IR.

The weather may be wet, but nothing too crazy.

Let's hope our "yo-yos" are on the up trend this week, and can get some momentum heading into next week's bye week.

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Considering all the injuries, the hurricane situation, COVID, and having a new QB at the helm for the 1st time in 15 years, I must say I'm very pleased with how we have started the season. We currently are sitting at 3-2 and probably should have been 4-1 at this point with that Giants game last week. Things are looking very encouraging going forward as we get all these key players back from injuries. Really excited to see how a healthy Michael Thomas and Winston connect with each other going forward. Thomas likely won't quite have the insane efficiency numbers he had with Brees over the years, but I could certainly see him being more of a threat a little deeper down the field now that Winston is here.

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