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Week 6: Packers @ Da Bears: Packers win 24-14! Move to 5-1 and alone on top of the NFC North!


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Interesting that Winfree is healthy enough to be activated.  Seems unlikely that the Packers will use him beyond special teams.  But kind of fun that he's healthy enough to be considered for whatever usage he can provide.  

Hopefully Jenkins will be back in good form, perhaps tomorrow.  Seems the early planning has involved so much TE-support for the inexperienced line that there haven't been many actual guy sent out as targets.  don't think opposing secondaries have had a lot of guys to cover.  Kinda hoping that *IF* Myers and Jenkins can be back, that perhaps MLF will call a couple more plays in which other guys go out and stress the secondary, and maybe there will be both a little more pass distribution and a little more efficiency in the passing game.  

Packers are currently 15th in passing yards, 15th in completion percentage, 13th in passer rating, 11th in TD's.  13th in AVG.  As those numbers reflect, that passing game has overall been kinda average thus far.  Obviously those are composite numbers, and include the horrific game 1.  But moving forward, I'd think the Packers will kinda need the passing game to get more above-average than it's been thus far, to have a great season.  Hopefully the best is coming.  

Obviously remotely unlikely that Winfree is going to play any role in that, this year.  But you never know. 

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