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Maybe the best thing I've learned over the past two weeks is that given a game plan and decent play calls, Justin Fields can win some games.

In  retrospect the hiring of Bill Lazor for his expertise in building a strong running game if finally paying dividends now that Nagy has stepped aside a bit allowing it to happen.  Above all I believe this has been a big help to Fields as he adjusts to the NFL game and it's coverages.  He still needs much better protection but imagine what it would look like if we were not running so successfully and teams could just tee off on him like Cleveland did.

There wasn't a lot going on downfield today but there didn't need to be in order to win.  Even with Lazor calling plays again I could sense the influence of Nagy holding the offense back at times especially in the second half.  Just one or two explosive plays like those last week could have blown the game wide open but Nagy always seems to resist that.  If we expect to keep winning IMHO that will have to change.  It can't always be on the defense.

This is two wins for Fields and this week against tougher competition so he's gained some momentum.  Next week against GB at home going heads up against Rodgers will be a nexus.  Win that one and the confidence in him and the offense will grow even more.  He's a tough kid who can take a hit and at least for now he'll need to be but longer term they have to do a much better job of protecting him or those hits will begin to pile up as injuries.

I still believe he deserves a much better HC than Matt Nagy but with each passing week I believe he's the guy we've been waiting for.

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