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MNF: Colts @ Ravens GDT

What is the correct amount of peanut butter & jelly on a PB&J sandwhich?   

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  1. 1. What is the correct amount of peanut butter & jelly on a PB&J sandwhich?

    • 90% PB + 10% Jelly
    • 65% PB + 35% Jelly
    • 50 / 50
    • 35% PB + 65% Jelly
    • 10% PB + 90% Jelly
    • Give me that PB & J...hold the PB please

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4 minutes ago, Tk3 said:

I have no idea if the Ravens are the best bad team, or the worst good team

very good team imo

Top 3 in the afc, maybe the best if they limit their mistakes more

thats how good teams respond getting in a hole

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32 minutes ago, Kael said:

Frank Reich deserves this for playing for the FG.

You would have thought he would have learned from his time with the Chargers.

He deserves this for 3 major gaffes tonight:

1.  He sat Jonathan Taylor on key drives for Marlon Mack.     I know Mack ran well on 3 runs, but the point is Taylor gets better with volume.    Taylor can hit a home run every time he gets the ball.  Mack isn't even close.  That's a massive way to reduce your win probability.

2.  He got cute with the trick play on 1st down that put them in 2nd and 10 at the BAL 30 - and BAL stopped IND to a FG.  When Indy O was rolling.   

3.  And yes, he played for the FG with a 3rd down run in the last drive.....with a draw where the BAL blitz came in.   I mean, if you're going to run, go with the pitch and let JT have space.    But honestly, just like Stefanski did with CLE, Reich played for the FG instead of playing for the first down....with a K who had an injured hip.   He rightfully paid the price. 


Reich ABSOLUTELY lost this game for Indy.  If I had the Colts ML, I'd be absolutely sick watching this (fortunately I didn't lol).    

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