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Week 6 GDT: Bills @ Titans


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He’s no game manager yea okay keep telling yourself that it makes you feel better. But look at the facts. Why is it that our coaching staff refuse to change our offensive philosophy, why we hardly use the pass to setup the run. How many times do you see we put the entire offense on Ryan Tannehill shoulders & let him carry us.

The problem is you guys look at a game manager as a bottom QB, who can barely win games 😆. Tom Brady was a game a manager before he was the goat look at his 1st 2 Super Bowls. Russell Wilson was a game manager sea super bowl yr, it was defense & run 1st. Big Ben 1st super bowl  & joe Flacco game managers. Troy Aikman I don’t give a Fruck what anybody says, was a game manager the man only threw over 20 TD’s once in his career & the Cowboys super bowl dynasty went as far as that OL & Emmitt Smith, but till this day because occasionally Aikman made some clutch throws people act as if he was 1 of the best QB’s to ever do it 😮💨
They weren’t lighting defenses up slinging the football they played within a system & didn’t turn the ball over & occasionally had game winning drives. Calling Tannehill a game manager is no disrespect he’s good & I always say the coaching staff are so stubborn they hold him back into growing more as a passer, but facts are facts we ask Tannehill to play within a structure play with in a system we’re not putting a lot on his plate, if I’m making this up then tell me why his peers feel the same way & voted the guy 83 on the top 100 when he had over 40 total TD’s 🤔… 

love me some Tannehill though let’s go Titans 

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