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GDT - Week 6 - It's BBQ Time...


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12 hours ago, Apparition said:

The question isn't whether they'll win.

It's how do we adjust our expectations for the rest of the season if they do.

Not sure you do unless they start cleaning things up and get more consistent.  It’s a lot of fresh blood on the O in particular.  

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On 10/15/2021 at 5:50 PM, Crimmage said:

To me the rest of this season is going to be about Mac and Jonnu to determine if this offense goes from bottom 1/3 to middle of the pack or better ( outside of obvious OL concerns). After Jonnu's bad game he has basically been in the doghouse .. snaps reduced and doing a majority blocking. We need to remember that they signed him BEFORE Henry.. he was the guy they wanted more.. yet they haven't focused on him at all. The 2 TE offense hasn't worked.. they need to get Jonnu going or it's just not going to happen. 


Especially with Harris injured.. I would like to see them use him more in the backfield. Be creative, try to regain some of James White's production by giving those throws to Smith instead of Bolden.. send the screens to him, end arounds, short passes up the middle..etc. He is athletic enough to make plays once he has the ball in his hands, they've just got to find creative ways to get him the ball. 


Before the season I was so excited that they signed him.. I really thought Josh was going to do some really creative things with him, but it looks like he's got no idea what to do with him. The Titans didn't use him to his full potential, Josh is doing even less with him from a gadget perspective. I'm still a huge believer in him.. and am really hoping this can be a breakout game for him. I think the Cowboys would give up some big plays to Smith/Henry in the middle of the field. 

Jonnu only has 3 fewer targets than Henry, their use is completely different though. Avg depth of target for Henry is so much more, consequently their average YPA is different. Jonnu 7.7, Henry over 10.  I think they need to use him better, but they have looked at him. Maybe since his bad game the average targets per game has come down 



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