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Week 6 GDT: Denver Broncos (3-2) vs Las Vegas Raiders (3-2)


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20 minutes ago, Broncofan said:

Game summary so far:

1.   Our lack of speed means the LV secondary which can't cover any other team....can cover ours.   And while I've given Fant leash of being hurt, the 2 holding penalties today were just poor effort.   

2.   That means their pass rush can go nuts on Teddy B and our OL, and the results aren't pretty.

3.  On the flip side, our secondary can't handle the speed Ruggs offers, or the mismatch that Waller offers.   

4.  Our D without our LB's is just getting worn out now.

Finally, Fangio's game management once again has been AWFUL - 2 terrible challenges with no chance of winning, and then a decision to accept a 3rd and 12 instead of 2nd and 22 - speaks volumes to Fangio's confidence in the D right now.

Ppl wanted to say Teddy B could be a Pro bowl QB - that's pretty much disabused completely.     The belief we could win with a run-based O - pretty much disabused now. 

The only hope I really have is that Jeudy will be back soon, and he and the OL's development will be still attractive enough for one of the big 3 QB's to want to still come to us, much like A-Rod and Watson were interested this offseason.  But this also comes with the very clear reality we need a new HC and OC - and it CAN'T be that recycled trash list that Allbright mentioned earlier this week.

The ONLY blessing - this should open management eyes up that Fangio, Shurmur & co. aren't the answer.   You can't face a team in disarray like the Raiders at HOME and get boat raced like this.

The pass defense has been pretty good all year. Mullen is hurt but he normally runs with faster receivers. This is a tough one for you guys without Jeudy and Hamler.  Offense would definitely look better with them.

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This is just sad. The last few years I was cool with the losing records, the Broncos were limited talent wise. But now they have some talent and look too uninspired. I think you have to fire Fangio and Shurmer and the special teams coach and let Munch and Azzanni to try to inspire some folks. 

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