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Week 6 GDT: Denver Broncos (3-2) vs Las Vegas Raiders (3-2)


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Just now, AnAngryAmerican said:

Oh look. 3rd and 7, Teddy checks down and we end up short. Then, throws a pick on 4th down. 

What a way to make Mike Shanahan and Steve Atwater proud. 

Fant absolutely has to make that play on 3rd down. Break a tackle, for once.

The playcall was AWFUL on 4th down.

The throw was late and very poor.

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Never told you guys before.. But I had a dream once where I had a huge baby boy. He grew up hammering and pancaking other kids on his path to the NFL. Turned out to be Noah Fant. I'm not sure why I had that dream but let's just say I'm a disappointed papa right now. 

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Just now, Orangecrush151 said:

I’m so sick of fant, dude is 2x the size of these defenders and if they look at him he just falls over

1st down - looks as feeble as ever with ball in hand. Turns an easy 3/4 yard gain into a 1 yard gain.

2nd down - blows a block on a frickin' CB that stops a huge run opportunity. 

Honestly, Noah Fant is a bad Footballer. Sick of him.

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