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Week 6 GDT: Denver Broncos (3-2) vs Las Vegas Raiders (3-2)


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1 minute ago, broncosfan07 said:

Fangio getting out coached by a ST coach in his first game is the nail in the coffin. No way they fire him unless he does some stupid **** like Gruden.

I think a midseason firing needs one of 3 things:

1) a toxic environment or Gruden-esque PR disaster

2) you think the season can be salvaged but the HC is holding the team back

3) the HC is hindering the development of the young core by refusing to cede reps to young guys

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Will George Paton do the right thing and fire Vic? A lot rides on his decision here. 

Will Paton meet the media and take questions, either after the game or early this week? Or will he hide under his desk?
Will Joe Ellis make a statement? Or take questions?

What about Elway? 

Mr. B wouldn’t stand for this. Will anyone in this franchise man up?

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From coaches to personnel, Fangio bet everything this offseason on the hopes that he could field a top 5 defense. I don't blame him, that was the safest play. But he failed. And now, this is the bed he's going to lay in for the rest of his soon-to-be-over career in Denver. 

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