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Madden 22 Franchise - Lions GM

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21 minutes ago, OkeyDoke21 said:

Is Bush really mocked number 1, with a 2-3 rnd projection, or is that just a typo?

Not a typo.  I received a message from my GM mid season that I should take a look at the guy.  So maybe he’s a gem or maybe it’s a glitch that pushed him to the top of the mock.

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So here are my early thoughts on the new scouting process.  Its very different from the old method, which is a welcome addition because the old way had grown stale and boring. Its going to take some getting used to for sure. The old method of scouting gave us the basic information: top 3 skills of each player, combine info, and a general idea of what their actual value was (given by what round they should be drafted in). If you hadn't scouted a player you'd have no information at all on that player other than the combine. 

The new scouting system is different.  The baseline scouting report is 40% for every prospect, meaning you're going to know a couple of attributes for each player (graded A-F just like before). You're also given the combine, pro days, and graded ranges for athletic ability. The main downgrade is that you're not going to have that "true value" idea of where they should be drafted on most players.  Like maybe 5 players. So the trade off is more baseline information on every prospect, but a higher "fog of war" on what their true OVR rating is. That is probably more realistic to real life scouting and is an interesting direction shift. 

Obviously I haven't done the actual draft yet so I don't know how things will go but I'm expecting a lot more swing and misses than previous years.  

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Yes, I'm glad they did implement a new scouting system, however, and granted I've only played around with it for a few mins, it seems like its going to be MUCH more time consuming.  Which is fine I guess.   I like the draft and scouting aspects.  I'm interested to see how the draft goes and if the mock is a pretty solid baseline for how the CPU drafts.  These rebuilds are going to be significantly harder IMO.

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18 hours ago, MKnight82 said:


Cardinals Receive

CB Nickell Robey-Coleman (78)


Lions Receive

2022 3rd Round Pick 


Cardinals add some CB depth for their playoff push. 

That was a ridiculous trade coup lol. 

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3 minutes ago, MKnight82 said:

You think?  I don't know enough about the Lions roster to gauge any value of the players.

I think he's on the Lions PS in real life right now. Or was. 

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Just now, MKnight82 said:

I was on beer 6 by the time I made that trade, made sense at the time. 

100% made sense. Like I said a coup. 

We should do a combined Madden sim with people. Is that possible with cross play?

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LOLB Von Miller (90) - Jets - 2 years, $41.8 mil total

C Jason Kelce (88) - Bengals - 1 year, $11.7 mil 

HB Raheem Mostert (87) - Dolphins - 3 years, $29.1 mil

CB JC Jackson (87) - Steelers - 3 years, $44 mil

WR Michael Gallup (85) - Colts - 4 years, $53.4 mil

FS Justin Reid (85) - WFT - 5 years, $35.5 mil

CB Carlton Davis (85) - Bengals - 4 years, $42.3 mil

RG David Decastro (84) - Jets - 1 year, $11 mil

DT Sheldon Richardson (82) - Jaguars - 1 year, $10 mil

TE OJ Howard (82) - Texans - 4 years, $26.6 mil

LOLB L Vander Esch - WFT - 5 years, $86.8 mil

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This presentation for the draft will be a work in progress until I figure out how to better format it. I used to post a lot of info about the first round prospects I was interested in, but now I don’t have a ton of information to present beyond what’s already in the mock draft I posted. For this I kind of just wrote down my thoughts as I was going through the draft board looking at all the prospects.

So first lets talk QBs.  I don’t have any of them scouted beyond 40%. Actually I have very little players scouted, I wonder if getting fired then rehired hurt my scouting.  Anyways, Lane Elliott has Elite Throw Power, but his speed is Poor. He’s 6’6” so he looks like a typical Strong Arm QB (he’s also 21 years old). None of the other top QBs have Elite TP. Dean Hookland (22 y.o.), who’s projected to go all the way down at the 26th pick ran a 4.58 and has Good TP. He’s the only good athlete of the top QBs. Those look like the only 2 draftable QBs to me.

HB is the same, every prospect is 40% scouted. Leslie Crothers (22 y.o.) did 29 reps on the bench and ran a 4.47.  He’s 5’10” 223 lbs and could make for an interesting back. He’s projected 2-3 round.

At WR, Darin Ward (21 y.o.) is the only player in the draft I have 100% scouted.  He’s a Top 5 talent according to my scouting report. He ran a 4.44 and has Elite acceleration, B CTH, B DR, B MR, B RLS, A SR, A SPEC. His only weakness is he’s only 5’11”.  He’s definitely in consideration for #1 overall. Lloyd Wallace (22 y.o.) ran a 4.31, which is stupid fast. He’s only 5’8”. WR Joey Forbes (21 y.o.) is 6’0” and ran a 4.43, he looks interesting in Round 3-4. Deron Lawrence (22 y.o.) is 6’4” and ran a 4.40, but his acceleration looks worse.  He should also be around in Rounds 3-4. Justen Osgood (22 y.o.) is only 5’9” but ran a 4.43 and should also be available Rounds 3-4. It looks like I should be able to grab a decent WR prospect in the mid rounds.

TE is not really a need at all but lets take a look. The only TE projected to go in the 1st is 23 years old so he’s out. Logan Demarco (22 y.o.) only ran a 4.75 but did 24 bench reps, could be a decent blocker available in Rounds 3-4. Lucas McGuire (21 y.o.) ran only a 4.78 but the rest of his combine is great, should be available Day 3. Looks like a pretty weak TE draft.

LT Derron Jarrett (22 y.o.) may be the best player in this class.  He’s 1st in almost all combine categories, including 37 bench reps, and I know he has A IB, A LB, A PB, A RB.  He’s a complete stud.  My concern is that there haven’t been any good OTs in Madden for several years (the cpu doesn’t generate any) but maybe they fixed that?  My other concern is that Sewell is already really good and drafting tackles back to back in the first round is kind of boring. He’s definitely in consideration for #1 overall though. LT Andrew Roberts (22 y.o.) has some solid attributes as a Day 3 consideration. If LG Deandre Adams (22 y.o.) would fall to my second 1st round pick he would be a consideration. 34 bench reps with B PB, B PBP, B RB. OC Alex Day (22 y.o.) only did 31 reps but has solid attributes for a Round 2-3 guy. OC Colt Gilmore (21 y.o.) has both A PBP and A RBP, with 33 reps.  He’s definitely a Round 2-3 consideration. I extensively scouted the RGs in this class and they all suck, which uhhhh sucks. At RT, Deon Rogers (21 y.o.) could be a Day 3 option.

On defense, LE George Young (22 y.o.) is 6’3” 267 lbs and ran a 4.57 with 25 reps.  That’s pretty much all I know about him other than according to the mock he’s supposed to be the top DE taken. LE Early Chamberlin (22 y.o.) is only 6’2” 250 lbs but ran a 4.53 with 30 reps. If he falls to #22 he will definitely be considered. LE Donovan Childress (21 y.o.) had a really good combine for a guy 300 lbs, he could be converted to DT.  He’s a projected 2nd round pick. RE Taylor Reveron (22 y.o.) had a decent combine and is a Round 3-4 option.

DT Kamryn Jones (22 y.o.) is a legit stud who would be projected the top defensive player to be drafted if it weren’t for that weird Round 3-4 guy at #1 (he’s coming up). Jones ran a 4.82 at 308 lbs and did 36 reps, plus he was 1st in cone and shuttle. I do know he has A finesse moves. He looks like a legit interior pass rusher and is an option for #1 overall. DT Kyle Bennett (22 y.o.) is just like Jones but slightly worse across the board. If he fell to 22 he’d be an option. DT Wintrop (22 y.o.) did 41 reps and is another option at 22. Then there’s DT Orlando Bush (21 y.o.) who’s a Round 2-3 guy but for some reason projected to go #1 overall in the mock.  As I previously stated my GM came to me mid season and told me to scout this guy, so maybe he has a dev trait? I’m definitely not going to take this guy in the first round because I want to see how the cpu reacts and whether he falls or not.  That will give me more information for future drafts. DT Devin Dishman (22 y.o.) had an average combine but is 378 lbs! Definitely a Day 3 consideration.

LOLB Pat Moorehead is a Day 3 consideration. MLB Rafael Harrell (22 y.o.) ran a 4.49 with 30 reps, he’s a definite option at 22. MLB Zack Taylor (22 y.o) is 6’4” 248 lbs and ran a 4.42 with 29 reps.  He’s a prime target for the 2nd round. MLB Tyler Dunn (22 y.o.) is a very similar prospect to Taylor in the 2nd. MLB Jeremy Gates (22 y.o.) is undersized at 6’1” 225 but ran a 4.42 with 29 reps, a Round 3-4 prospect. MLB Ben James has A Zone Coverage, and ran a 4.47, very interesting for a Round 3-4 prospect.

Its hard to target a CB in Round 1 because I don’t have any of them scouted beyond 40%. I don’t know the coverage ratings on any of the first round CBs and none of them are elite athletes. CB Joshua Bush (22 y.o.) ran a 4.38 and is a Day 3 prospect.

FS Devin Dyson (22 y.o.) is the best FS amongst what appears to be a weak class. He’s a Round 3-4 guy with a good combine but his Zone Coverage is a D and his Tackling is a D so he will be super raw. SS DJ Pearson (22 y.o.) is not amazing but decent for a Round 3-4 guy.   

I’ll consider FB Mike Winslow sometime late in the draft.

Man that took forever, I literally had to flip through multiple pages on every single prospect in the draft.  They really need to have the prospects in a spreadsheet that you can sort the attributes for. Not sure if I’ll do this big of a write-up again or just do a spreadsheet to summarize everything.  Speaking of:

Top Prospects Available
# on Board Mock Projection Postion Name Height Weight Age School Att 1 Att 2 Att 3 40 Bench Vert Broad 3 Cone Shuttle
2   Top 5 QB Lane Elliot 6'6" 228 21 Miami TP Elite B TAD C INJ 18th 3rd 11th 7th 15th 6th
3 3 Top 5 LT Derron Jarrett 6'4" 311 22 Virginia Tech A RB A PB A IB 4th 1st 1st 1st 6th 1st
5 8 Top 5 WR Darin Ward 5'11" 215 21 USC A SPEC A MR A SR 13th 4th 15th 14th 3rd 3rd
7 7 Round 1 DT Kamryn Jones 6'4" 308 22 Iowa St A FM A PUR A AWR 2nd 4th 6th 13th 1st 1st
9 9 Round 1 LE George Young 6'3" 267 22 Wisconsin B AWR B HP C BS 3rd 29th 3rd 7th 6th 6th
17 11 Round 1 WR Lloyd Wallace 5'8" 195 22 Louisville B SPEC B CIT B AWR 1st 14th 7th 32nd 1st 5th
19 13 Round 1 DT Kyle Bennett 6'5" 309 22 LSU A FM B IB C PUR 1st 13th 2nd 18th 3rd 3rd
21 15 Round 1 LE Earl Chamberlin 6'2" 250 22 Miss. St A PREC A IB B HP 2nd 3rd 6th 1st 2nd 5th
22 17 Round 1 LG Deandre Adams 6'3" 314 22 Georgia B PB B RB B PBP 2nd 4th 1st 8th 1st 2nd
24 26 Round 1-2 QB Dean Hookland 5'11" 218 22 Iowa St TP Good A AWR B TAD 1st 4th 1st 1st 2nd 2nd
34 27 Round 1-2 DT Terrance Winthrop 6'3" 302 22 Tennessee B BS B PUR C HP 12th 2nd 1st 2nd 2nd 4th
35   Round 1-2 LE Donovan Childress 6'4" 300 21 Texas A HP B FM B AWR 11th 5th 12th 11th 4th 2nd
41   Round 1-2 MLB Zack Taylor 6'4" 248 22 FSU B IB B PUR B AWR 1st 2nd 3rd 1st 7th 8th
42   Round 1-2 MLB Tyler Dunn 6'4" 245 22 Washington St A PUR B PREC C ZC 5th 4th 15th 9th 4th 7th
55   Round 2-3 OC Alex Day 6'4" 310 22 Georgia A RB B LB B PBF 4th 4th 7th 13th 4th 7th
58   Round 2-3 HB Leslie Crothers 5'10" 223 22 Colorado C CIT C SPEC D KR 6th 3rd 5th 3rd 23rd 28th
67 1 Round 2-3 DT Orlando Bush 6'5" 291 21 Oregon St A FM B HP B AWR 4th 8th 9th 15th 16th 19th
80   Round 2-3 OC Colt Gilmore 6'3" 311 21 Stanford A PBP A RBP A IB 10th 1st 9th 9th 3rd 4th
82   Round 3-4 TE Logan Demarco 6'3" 271 22 Ball St B CIT B BRKT C RBP 7th 5th 6th 1st 15th 13th
83   Round 3-4 MLB Jeremy Gates 6'1" 225 22 Colorado B ZC C TKL C INJ 2nd 3rd 14th 20th 11th 4th
86   Round 3-4 SS DJ Pearson 5'11" 195 22 Ohio St B PREC B CTH C MC 3rd 4th 5th 8th 1st 2nd
89   Round 3-4 MLB Ben James 5'11" 240 22 Virginia Tech A ZC A CTH B PREC 3rd 6th 2nd 2nd 15th 5th
91   Round 3-4 RE Taylor Reveron 6'5" 256 22 TCU A INJ B STM C PUR 8th 6th 4th 2nd 5th 8th
94   Round 3-4 FS Devin Dyson 6'2" 217 22 W Michigan C HP D ZC D TKL 1st 4th 2nd 6th 2nd 2nd
98   Round 3-4 WR Joey Forbes 6'0" 188 21 UCLA C MR C SR C SARM 12th 34th 35th 10th 6th 8th
99   Round 3-4 WR Deron Lawrence 6'4" 227 22 Penn St B BTK B INJ C JUKe 6th 27th 4th 6th 40th 30th
102   Round 3-4 WR Justen Osgood 5'9" 193 22 Arizona St A CAR C RLS C RLS 11th 38th 20th 38th 12th 20th
117   Day 3 CB Joshua Bush 6'0" 185 22 Texas B KR C MC C TKL 1st 6th 5th 12th 7th 5th
125   Day 3 RT Deon Rogers 6'6" 321 21 Notre Dame B RB B RBF B RBP 12th 23rd 18th 22nd 7th 3rd
126   Day 3 LOLB Pat Moorehead 6'4" 243 21 Washington B PUR C BS C TKL 9th 19th 1st 24th 10th 9th
137   Day 3 LT Andrew Roberts 6'4" 340 22 Ole Miss A IB B PBP C RBF 21st 19th 26th 15th 19th 22nd
154   Day 3 DT Devin Dishman 6'3" 378 22 Washington St B HP C BS D STM 13th 12th 12th 25th 6th 2nd
193   Day 3 TE Lucas McGuire 6'3" 272 21 Alabama B CIT C PB C SR 13th 9th 2nd 8th 2nd 2nd
UN   UN FB Mike Winslow 6'1" 247 22 Texas Tech A AWR A SA B STM 1st 1st 2nd 2nd 1st 1st


Time to start the draft. 

I think the top players in this class are LT Derron Jarret, QB Lane Elliot & WR Darin Ward. I don't really care which one of those 3 I land as long as I land one of them.  Meaning..... I can trade down to 3. 


Dolphins Receive 

#1 overall


Lions Receive

#3 overall

#106 overall (4)

2023 3rd Round Pick 


Not a great return for moving down but this is what they offered me. It'll save me some cap space too. 


And LT Derron Jarrett goes #1 overall.  He was definitely one of my favorite players but that would have been an awful lot of resources dedicated to the OT position. QB Carl Sullivan goes #2 overall, he wasn't even on my draft board. 

So its down to Elliot vs Ward. I know Ward is a top 5 talent so he's the safest pick I can make.  Plus I've never been big on taking QBs early in a rebuild. 


With the 3rd Pick in the NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select:

WR Darin Ward, USC


- Hidden Dev! He will be the focal point of my offense going forward. 91 SPD, 95 ACC, 92 AG. 


QB Lane Elliot gets drafted #4 to Football Team.  Honestly they need a QB I'm happy with that. The Giants select DT Kamryn Jones at 7. LE George Young goes to the Bucs at 9. The Steelers select WR Lloyd Wallace at 10.  According to the mock draft he was supposed to go 11 so the cpu is not drafting exactly like the mock (although its been pretty close to exact). DT Kyle Bennett goes 12 to the Cardinals. LE Earl Chamberlin goes 14 to the Jets. LG Deandre Adams is gone at 17 to the Texans. Woah, QB Dean Hookland goes 19th to the Falcons, he was supposed to go 26 per the mock. Guess that means I'm not drafting a QB. 

Ok I'm on the clock at 22.  

Top players on my board are DT Winthrop, LE Childress, MLB Taylor and MLB Dunn. Per the mock only Winthrop is projected to go in the first round, and he's not until pick 27. Winthrop appears to be a great run stuffer but idk if he will be a pass rusher. Childress would convert to DT and would give me an interior pass rusher.  I also like both of the MLBs. Honestly I think all 3 are better than Winthrop, so trade down again? 



Packers Receive

#22 overall


Lions Receive

#31 overall

#63 overall

#159 overall


Unlike the first trade down I feel like this is great value. 


Packers select RG Ray Tolbert who wasn't on my board. DT Winthrop goes 26th to the Saints. Crap, LE Childress was selected 27th to the Broncos. 

Ok I'm on the clock at 31. Its between the two MLBs. They are very similar. Taylor is faster, but Dunn has better acceleration. Taylor did more bench reps but Dunn has better attributes (from the ones I know). Taylor's C Hit Power bothers me. I think I've made my decision. 


With the 31st Pick in the NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select:

MLB Tyler Dunn, Washington State


- Hidden Dev! YES! 88 SPD, 91 ACC, 86 AG.  This guy is a beast!  


I pick again at 33. 


The Chiefs take a RB so I guess technically I could consider double dipping at linebacker here.  I want to consider all of my options though. 

OC Colt Gilmore intrigues me. DT Orlando Bush is a consideration too. Really those two are it.  I pick again in 8 picks so landing both is definitely a possibility. I do like Taylor but there are other linebackers I plan to target later in the draft too. I think its time to roll the dice. 


With the 33rd Pick in the NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select:

DT Orlando Bush, Oregon State


- Hidden Dev! This draft is epic! 77 SPD, 81 ACC, 88 STR. 


MLB Zack Taylor goes to the Bengals with the next pick. I'm on the clock again at 41. Pick is easy. 


With the 41st Pick in the NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select:

OC Colt Gilmore, Stanford


- OMG HIDDEN DEV!!!  86 STR. This is insane. 


I have that extra Packers pick at 63 that I picked up in the trade down. 

OC Alex Day is gone. HB Leslie Crothers is gone. I'm on the clock at 63. I pick again at 65 so its best to target two players here. 

The top players available are TE Demarco, MLB James, and SS Pearson. Maybe RE Reveron. 

TE really isn't a need. I really like that James has A Zone Coverage, that's rare in a linebacker.  He's definitely one of the two picks. Pearson is not a top athlete.  Maybe James and Reveron?  


With the 63rd Pick in the NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select:

MLB Ben James, Virginia Tech


- Normal dev, broke the streak. Still, he has 91 freaking SPD, 88 ACC, 84 AG. The guy could play Safety if I want. 


With the 65th Pick in the NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select:

RE Taylor Reveron, TCU


- Normal dev, 82 SPD, 86 ACC, 86 AG, 80 STR. I like this pick, good depth. 


I pick again at 76. SS Pearson is gone. That TE is still available, but feels like a luxury pick. MLB Gates is available but he's undersized. FS Dyson is really raw. Then there's a bunch of WR options.  


With the 76th Pick in the NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select:

TE Logan Demarco, Ball State


- Normal dev, just felt like he was the BPA. Can develop for awhile. 80 SPD, 84 ACC, 78 AG, 77 STR. 


I don't pick again until 106 & 113. 


I'm on the clock at 106.  A lot of the guys on my board just went.  Top available are WR Lawrence and CB Bush.  Honestly Bush is raw but he's a way better athlete than Lawrence. 


With the 106th Pick in the NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select:

CB Joshua Bush, Texas 


- Normal dev, 92 SPD, 91 ACC, 89 AG. 


With the 113th Pick in the NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select:

WR Deron Lawrence, Penn State


- Normal dev, he's 6'4" with 91 SPD, 89 ACC, 85 AG, with 90 change of direction. Good prospect. 


Next up picks 129 & 159. 


With the 129th Pick in the NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select:

DT Devin Dishman, Washington State


- Holy crap Hidden Dev!  He's 378 lbs! only 72 SPD but 85 STR, 77 ACC. This dude could be epic.  Him and Bush are the future. 


Only player left on my board is that FB and I think I can wait to take him.  Think I'm going to trade out of this pick. 


5th traded to the Ravens for future 4th. 

6th traded to the Raiders for future 5th. 


With the 171st Pick in the NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select:

FB Mike Winslow, Texas Tech


- Normal dev, 80 SPD, 86 ACC, 83 AG, 81 STR.  New FB. 


7th traded to the Eagles for future 7th. 


And that wraps this draft. 

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Lions 2022 Draft Summary
Pick Position Name OVR Hidden Dev
3 WR Darin Ward 77 Yes
31 MLB Tyler Dunn 76 Yes
34 DT Orlando Bush 73 Yes
41 OC Colt Gilmore 74 Yes
63 MLB Ben James 74 No
65 RE Taylor Reveron 72 No
76 TE Logan DeMarco 67 No
106 CB Joshua Bush 68 No
113 WR Deron Lawrence 68 No
129 DT Devin Dishman 70 Yes
171 FB Mike Winslow 73 No
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So the top 10 players in the draft were:

#1 - HB Jerry Harris - Drafted 40 by Vikings - 78 OVR - Star Dev

#2 - MLB Rafael Harrell - Drafted 16 by Jaguars - 78 OVR - Superstar Dev

#3 - QB Don Stearn - Drafted 5 by my Eagles - 78 OVR - Star Dev

#4 - LT Derron Jarrett - Drafted 1 by Dolphins - 77 OVR - Star Dev

#5 - WR Darin Ward - Drafted 3 by Lions - 77 OVR - ???

#6 - DT Terrance Winthrop - Drafted 26 by Saints - 77 OVR - Star Dev

#7 - MLB Zack Taylor - Drafted 34 by Bengals - 77 OVR - Star Dev

#8 - MLB Tyler Dunn - Drafted 31 by Lions - 76 OVR - ???

#9 - LE Early Chamberlin - Drafted 14 by Jets - 76 OVR - Star Dev

#10 - LE George Young - Drafted 9 by Bucs - 76 OVR - Superstar Dev


Other names of note: 

DT Kamryn Jones (75) - Star

QB Lane Elliot (75) - Star

QB Dean Hookland (74) - Star

LE Donovan Childress (75) - Normal

OC Alex Day (73) - Normal

HB Leslie Crothers (75) - Normal

DJ Pearson (76) - X Factor (ouch, he was on my board)

MLB Jeremy Gates (71) - Star

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