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2021 Week Six GDT Steelers vs. Seahawks

Do the Steelers Win Two in a Row?  

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  1. 1. Who Wins Sunday? Steelers or Seahawks

    • Yes, They win again at home!
    • No, No Russell, no matter! Seahawks trip up Steelers

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2 minutes ago, August4th said:

Steelers Inactives
No. 3 QB Dwayne Haskins
No. 25 CB Ahkello Witherspoon
No. 45 LB Buddy Johnson
No. 72 OT Zach Banner
No. 73 DT Carlos Davis

I figured they’d give Banner another week of practices before game action. He’ll get the bye now too. I really hope Davis gets back soon. Our d-line depth went from strength to weakness real quick.

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@43Mas I said, it’s not that I totally disagree. There’s a part of me that gets it but if those two first round picks you don’t want to send turn out to be an All Pro LT and an All Peo CB….none of that matters if your roll out Andy Dalton as your QB. 

Too many things have to go right to make that scenario work without a QB or you have to almost get insanely lucky finding the right QB randomly In the draft. 

I don’t wNt Rodgers for the next 8 years. I want him for 2-3, so we have a 2-3 VERY realistic window of getting to a super bowl. I’m not excited about any amount of draft picks vs Herbert, Lamar, and Mahomes as a wildcard in the playoffs. 

Im pretty realistic when it comes to value and trades like this. I’ll take Rodgers at any amount of draft picks 10 out of 10 times. 

But as I’ve said, I understand the other aide. But the other aide needs to be an insane level or perfect to make it actually work. 

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