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Re-sign De'Vondre Campbell, Davante Adams & Corey Bojorquez

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36 minutes ago, Les Punting said:


As Woodson says, he was expecting a different throw. It explains the entire sequence. Nothing in Hopkins' actions suggests that's not the case. 

Hopkins is expecting to get the ball where he decelerated, realizes it's an overthrow and accelerates to track it. As Woodson says, Murray threw it up for grabs. Pressure forced a change in trajectory hence the overthrow. It's not complicated. "Perfect timing" is just an ad hoc description to buoy your narrative.  

If that's the kind of "wild nonsense" you see from elite receivers, it shouldn't be too hard to provide examples from Hopkins/Murray or any other elite WR/QB. Got any? 

I'll trust a HOF CB's parsimonious interpretation. He's got experience with these kinds of things.

I think you're mistaking me, or I guess I think I didn't do a good job of explaining my position.

I agree that Hopkins was expecting the throw around the area of his initial cut; my point was that the deceleration and feigning the ball being close was part of the move.  Hopkins saw the throw was too long but also arriving pretty late, meaning he can't just cut and go for it because Stokes will have time to make a play on it.  The "perfect timing" is in reference to Hopkins catching the ball; he timed his first move perfectly to give himself just enough time to run under the throw.  It's an overthrow that Hopkins adjusted to, but in a way that's absolutely designed to ensure the CB can't make a play.

Adams did the same thing to Robert Alford back in 2017:


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42 minutes ago, incognito_man said:

Lol yep

Pretty silly to request other examples of essentially a once in a lifetime type of play.

Have literally never see that sort of play before.

Yeah, but do you have any examples showing you've never seen this type of play before?

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