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Does a Kyrie for Wall trade make sense?

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I’d like to hear ppl’s thoughts on a Kyrie/Wall trade or a 3 team trade that lands Wall in Brooklyn & Kyrie in a city w/o a vaccine mandate?

Houston for some reason says they won’t play Wall this year as they try to trade him. Kyrie can’t play in NYC bc he won’t get the COVID-19 vaccine. A swap of these two PGs makes sense for both teams & if Houston doesn’t want Kyrie also bc he’s too old for their rebuilding then, there can be a 3 team trade whew Kyrie goes to Miami or some veteran/contending team that could use an upgrade at PG.

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2 hours ago, Kip Smithers said:

Unless it’s Dame, then the Nets shouldn’t even think about trading him. I don’t want Simmons anywhere near my team. 

The problem with Kyrie is that he obviously can’t play in NYC. So, sure don’t trade him, but that’s only hurting yourself bc he can’t play.

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2 hours ago, NYRaider said:

Yeah, are people forgetting that Kyrie just averaged 27 ppg on 50/40/90 splits? John Wall trade, like what? lol 

Obviously the Nets would get back more than Wall in the trade like picks & some players but, the NETS have to do something bc they can’t play Kyrie.

I do like @Kip Smithers Idea of trading for Dame for the Nets better. I was just trying to think of a way for Wall to get out of Houston so he can play & for Kyrie to get out of Brooklyn so he can play also.

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