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Nope he looks fine to me. Teams are trying to take him away / double him and the main beneficiaries are Emmanuel Sanders and Dawson Knox (who are both having career years).

Sanders is on pace for 1,090 yards and 13 TDs - which would be his career high in TDs and 3rd highest in terms of yards.

Knox is on pace for 840 yards and 16 TDS lmao. 

Our offense is currently #1 in the NFL so I have no issue with how the offense is playing. 

In the long term I think this is a good thing for Diggs. I think you will start to see Diggs put up the big numbers once opposing teams realize the Bills can kill you all over the field in their passing attack and can't only focus on him. 

Also , Beasley hasn't been much of a factor OR Gabe Davis. Crazy lol.

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No I think the team is having to adjust since Diggs had such a big year last year. Teams are now prepared to stop him at any cost like we focused on Hill last week stopping him going deep. Its about opponents executing and to be fair the offense wasnt really pass heavy last week 26 passes and 5 were targeted to diggs (2 were clear holding calls that werent called). He had just as many targets as Sanders did and Knox only had 4. Last year we had to beat teams strictly on offense and we were having to throw most of the time. Now that the defense has stepped up and the run game is going a bit more they arent relying on the passing. Diggs is seeing between 20-30% of the passes his way compared to the rest of the team. Moving forward its going to be a lot of trying to shut down diggs while others get to feast. 

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