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Season as of now.

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Anyone else feel like our season is like watching a low budget action film? You're on the edge of your seat and not because it's an amazing film but because it is just barely entertaining? We are just barely winning if we do win. I get that this draft was hard and this year has been hard still. But i thought Pitts was gonna have a td before now but hey what a way to make a first td but in a hundred yard game in londond and to be the first rookie to have a 100 yard game in london.

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2-3 isn't great obviously, but I like the overall direction of the team. Arthur Smith is still learning. Personnel wise, we're lacking. There's no way around that. It's going to take some time. The encouraging part is other than against Philadelphia in week one, they've been in every game. Even at Tampa Bay, they hung in there until the 4th. Dropping the Washington game hurt. Long season and the schedule is pretty favorable. 

With regards to Pitts, I've loved what I've seen so far. Crazy to think he just turned 21 this month. I don't put much stock into TD's, or lack thereof. A lot of that is dictated on how the defense plays you. Even as a rookie, it's clear he's been a focus for defenses. 

Ryan still has it, although the deep ball clearly took a little bit of a hit. You can win with him. Mike Davis has been solid. Patterson has been a stud. So far to watch. He's going to get paid this offseason. Unfortunately I'm not sure we'll be able to re-sign him, but we'll see. Ridley needs to get it together, but I'm confident he will. Even with Pitts, this team lacks a #2 to take some of the attention away. That may be Gage, but we haven't seen it since he's been hurt. You don't need another stud, but you need another guy in the mix. Sharpe has made some tough catches, but he's nothing more than a #4. Ideally, you have Ridley as WR1, grab a guy in the draft who can be a real solid WR2 like Sanu was, and then you're fine with Gage as WR3, especially with Pitts. I'm sure Hurst is gone this offseason. Offensive line has been the biggest problem, but they've improved. It's still a very young group, so the rest of the season will go a long way in showing us what positions we need to address there. 

Defensively, it's been a mixed bag. But we just don't have the personnel there. Need to add more talent in the front 7, specifically a pass rusher. Fowler has actually been solid, but you need a stud opposite. Inside backers are set with Jones and Foye. Also need another big body or two up front. Secondary wise, Terrell looks outstanding. They'll need to add someone to play opposite of him, as well as another safety to pair with Grant long-term. 

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Mostly agreeing with your Swoosh. The team seems to be trending up but we're in the easier part of the schedule imo and apart from the Bucs haven't played any real contenders.

I wouldn't all Mike Davis solid. He's been serviceable but I was expecting a lot more out of him. He's been running pretty violently and seems hard to take down but he's also been going sideways a lot instead of through the holes. The Oline jelling and AS getting a bit more passhappy on early downs should help. CP is basically making the impact I was hoping Mike Davis would be making. Really impressed by him and I do agree he could be gone. Then again he has been kind of a bust and journeyman up too this year so I could see his market being less hot then we expect come FA.
With regards to the #2 WR I am a pretty big Gage fan. I think he has the potential to be a high end #2 WR in this league but he does need to start cashing in on that potential. I do agree we need help at WR right now. Zaccheaus has been sup par imo and Ridley has been underperforming. Also I'm not a huge Hurst guy. Even against the Jets when he had stastically a pretty good game he had one fumble and one almost fumble. Can't have that at TE.

Agreed one defence. Hawkins could develop in a decent safety duo with Grant but it's a bit of a big if. It's a shame that Oliver got hurt since he was having a pretty good season. For years we've been neglecting the Dline and passrush so this year I would really like if they drafted or paid up in FA for some real talent there. It could make the rest of the defence a lot better.

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