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The Mob 🍦​​ vs The Mob​​ ​🔪​ Day Four (LYLO) -- Ends on Wednesday at 9pm EST


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No kills or night moves, voting eliminations only.

I've been meaning to host this, I expect a smaller game due to the lack of abilities.

There will only be two roles in the game, 🍦Vanilla Townie and Mob Goon🔪

 The setup will feature as close to a 🍦2:1🔪 starting ratio as I can work.

If the total number of signups doesn't allow for a   🍦2:1🔪ratio I will favor The Mob🔪 in the ratio.




  1. @Daniel
  2. @Malfatron
  3. @Whicker
  4. @Matts4313 
  5. @Pickle Rick 🔪 - Lynched D1 
  6. @The Orca 🍦 - Lynched D3
  7. @MWil23 🍦- Lynched D2
  8. @JoshstraDaymus 🍦- Lynched D4


  • Do not fix any typo that is more than 5 minutes old. 
  • Do not edit a post to change your vote.
  • Do not discuss this game outside of this thread unless permitted by your role.
  • Do not copy and paste anything that I send you.
  • Do not post a screenshot of anything that I send you.
  • After you've been eliminated from a game you may make one "Good Game" or "Eff you all" post.
  • Don't post any game related information until the setup has ended, no matter how mundane it may seem to you. 
  • If you miss a vote you'll be replaced by a dead townie.
  • Voting will end when a player receives a vote count greater than 50% of the game's population OR at the pre-set voting deadline (usually 10 or 11pm EST, always 24+ hours in advance).
  • In the case of a tie at the pre-set deadline, whichever player received the leading vote first will be eliminated.


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6 hours ago, Matts4313 said:

Im in - low activity warning. I have a girl coming this weekend and I think I am going to get the Moderna shot tomorrow (I already have the J&J vaccine, but question its effectiveness) - so even lower expectations than normal. 

She might need to get a shot herself after a weekend with you 

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