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Week 6 General Discussion Thread

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1 minute ago, Thelonebillsfan said:

If I have to hear about how Daniel Jones is actually secretly good ever again I'm going to sue PFF for emotional abuse and gaslighting me.

This. Dude. Can't. Play.

He's so frustrating. Someone said he was fitzy earlier (apologies that I can't remember who) and it's a pretty good comp. I've really seen Daniel Jones make some incredible plays... But he is so consistent at making bad ones. I think he'll have a long career as a backup, bridge starter, plays for 5 teams in 13 years sort of way

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Just now, BobbyPhil1781 said:

I remember getting a ton of **** for saying Mahomes needs to stop being cute with no look passes and trying to do too much and just be a QB. 


Literally nothing about their issues this year is because of him being "too cute".

And that's his game, the one that made him a first ballot hall of famer, why would he change it.

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Just now, ChazStandard said:

Man, did you guys see the Chiefs' terrible defense fumble that snap and turn the ball over in the RZ? 

Yeah what a stupid scheme and playcall that was. Who calls a fumble play in that situation

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1 minute ago, EL Guapo said:

All I get to look forward to this year is watching Jones shut everyone up when they get healthy. What a shame

If you QB needs your team to be in 100% shape in order to even be acceptable he's not a good QB. 


And player can play well if he has a good team around him. QBs are supposed to elevate. Winning games may be out of the question but at least you can look like you belong. 

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Just now, Blackstar12 said:

Why the hell does Taylor only have 3 touches? wtf Reich smh.

I've made my feelings on Reich pretty clear this year. I think he's been absolutely brutal with his strategy

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