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Week 6 General Discussion Thread

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Don’t understand how conservative Bill has gone this year. Obviously Jones isn’t Brady, but he’s not missed a pass all game, at least give him a shot. Should have gone for it on the 4th and short, too.

Jones is playing like an NFL calibre QB, if the coaching staff were treating him like one the Pats could be 4-1 right now.

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19 minutes ago, kramxel said:

Couldn't watch the Chargers' 2nd half, but I see nothing changed. 

We were completed outplayed in all 3 phases, as much as a whooping as you're gonna get. 



That's a negative outlook. A positive outlook would be "RB Justin Herbert leads Chargers with 12 yards rushing."

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I’d be fuming if I were a Cowboys fan. Dak 100% fumbled it, but 2 red zone turnovers, a last second break up of a would-be TD pass, 4th and 1 stuff to spot us 7 points, couldn’t take advantage of a blocked punt deep in our half


im sure eventually it will come through, but must be frustrating 

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