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Week 6 General Discussion Thread

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4 minutes ago, dante9876 said:

So if mahommes get hurt, they gonna blame his brother for karma. But yeah mahommes is surrounded by some ridiculous people. Lolol. 

The amount of times I've seen a YouTube vid pop up called something like "his brother is trying to ruin his career" is crazy lmao

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10 minutes ago, Kael said:

I would put a large part of it on him. He insisted on sticking with the short passing game. We had quite a few very manageable 3rd and 4th downs, all of which we failed to convert with a short pass. Baltimore was shutting down the short passing game.

They basically were forcing us to either throw deep to intermediate or, run the ball. And Lombardi refused to do either. We kept trying to throw short. It also to be fair, was a rough day for Herbert. He was just a little off on everything he did. His throws were just a little high, his throws were just a little too far. Which also made the short passing hard.

What really kind of concerns me more than anything else is the team just looked flat. Almost as they were completely disinterested. Or looking forward to the bye, or anything else. That to me is just not something a good team should do. Or something a new head coach should want to see. I'm watching a Denver/Raider's game where either team shows significantly more energy than we did all game.


Who knows what happened in this game. It feels like we spent all our energy to beat the Browns last week, and going East in a different time zone didn’t help at all. Maybe this is also another important step that a rookie HC like Staley needs to learn in preparing the team better. They may have still been riding the high from last week. Staley has been amazing this year so far but there are still areas of improvement. We met an equally talented team with a very good HC that handled us better than even Andy Reid did.

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Just now, y*so*blu said:

Browns decided not to cover their best receiver in the endzone and see what happened.

The safety pulled down to help cover the WR coming across the field. Imagine thinking double covering him was more important than leaving Nuk wide open in the end zone. 

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