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What TV Show Are You Watching?


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Started Mindhunter, the dialogue can be rough and the main character and his GF come off as terrible actors (This may change, I am only two episodes in) but its still got me hooked. Great production and cinematography, and the dude that plays Ed Kemper just KILLS it in Episode 2.

Also watching the The Deuce on HBO which is fantastic, and the new season of Curb isn't 10/10 like some early ones but gets me laughing pretty consistently.

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51 minutes ago, Calvert28 said:

Rewatching Boardwalk Empire.

This may have the best 1st season out of any TV show I have ever watched. 

It's freaking criminal what they did to the ending seasons.

I gave up I think somewhere during the second season I think. Spent way to much time on the dudes mistress and I got bored.

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