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What TV Show Are You Watching?


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I think all my reviews on movies and tv shows have been uber critical because I’m embittered lately about my extremely poor health issues. I hate that I have such a negative mindset of late because I used to always be so optimistic about everything. 
Im on season 3 of the game of thrones now and it just feels…bad. I think reading the books was a mistake because I don’t like a lot of the things I liked in before now. Jaime’s character, especially post capture/loss of hand is incredibly strong and well acted though. I wasn’t impressed with him early on. Really don’t like what they did with Baelish either and don’t care for them giving Tywin so much empathy for others (Arya in particular)

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Jon snow’s scene where he betrays the wildlings after scaling the wall with them was butchered but the red wedding was so ****ing well done. 

i do kinda wish they’d kept with the book by having his pregnant wife safely somewhere else because it kept the stark line alive with another piece and added another manipulation piece to the board. Them totally changing the wife’s backstory too wasn’t bad, I think I preferred her to the shallower book version

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