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What TV Show Are You Watching?


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Wednesday was pretty good.. worth watching if you're an Addams Family fan.  The only family member that didn't work for me was Uncle Fester. Armison did a well enough job, but he was too tall and something felt off, maybe he's just too recognizable.

It's definitely skewed towards a younger crowd, but there are a ton of references to old movies that will make you smile a couple times an episode. If you aren't intrigued by the end of episode 1, I wouldn't bother continuing.

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4 hours ago, Fresh Prince said:

That 70s show is my favorite show of all time and I’m gonna pass on this. Already know I’m gonna hate the kids.


4 hours ago, seminoles1 said:

I really liked That 70s Show. But man, that was a brutal trailer.

I think I’ll give it a try but doubt I’ll ever be invested in it. I could see it being o if the kids mesh well together but it seems like a big if at this point.

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Divulging Maester Aemon’s sexual history and making Gilly the person that alerts the wall of the wildlings coming were tremendous decisions for the writers. Also, they might as well have just killed off Daario when the actor left the show. The replacement actor has no confidence or believability. 

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