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BDL 2021 Week 6 - Cancun Kaiju @ Raleigh Firebirds


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BDL 2021 Week 6

Match:  Cancun Kaiju @ Raleigh Firebirds

Away Owner:  @Blue

Home Owner:  @EaglesPeteC

Vote for who you think would win the game.

One vote per person, duplicate accounts will be banned and action taken against those attempting to rig the results.

One vote per team involved in the match. Co-owners may vote in every match up except their own.

For members, who have been following along, and wish to vote.  Please join the conversation and maybe give a reason you voted as you did. This will alleviate any suspicions of unusual voting and will promote discussion.

Note: Players that have a (D) next to their name indicate that they are doubtful or unlikely to play. Players with (Q) are game-time decisions.

Good luck to you both

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Cancun Kajiu

QB Patrick Mahomes

RB Alexander Mattison

FB Kyle Juszczyk

WR Courtland Sutton

WR Cordarrelle Patterson

TE Dalton Schultz

LT Yosh Nijman

LG Hala Vaitai

C Justin Herron

RG Alex Leatherwood

RT Brian O'Neill


RB2 Latavius Murray

RB3 Rhamondre Stevenson

WR3 Jakobi Meyers

WR4 Elijah Moore

WR5 Sterling Shepard

TE2 David Njoku

OL Alex Bars


DE Robert Quinn

DT Larry Ogunjobi

DT Malik Jackson

DE Greg Rousseau

LB Pete Werner

LB Elandon Roberts

CB Tre’Davious White

CB Byron Jones

CB Michael Davis

FS Kevin Byard

SS Jordan Fuller


DE3 Preston Smith

DE4 Derek Barnett

DT3 Rashard Lawrence

DT4 Akiem Hicks

LB3 David Long

CB4 Darius Phillips

S3 Quandre Diggs

S4 Jalen Thompson 


Raleigh Firebirds


QB- Kyler Murray
RB- Chuba Hubbard
WR- Davante Adams
WR- Mike Williams
WR- Robert Woods 
TE- Mark Andrews
LT- Jordan Mailata
LG- Bradley Bozeman
C- Mitch Morse
RG- Andrew Norwell
RT- Jawaan Taylor

QB- Kirk Cousins 
4th WR- Nelson Agholor 
5th WR- Marquez Callaway
2nd RB- JD McKissic
2nd TE- Will Dissly 
3rd TE- Jack Doyle 
Backup C/T- Patrick Mekari 
Swing G- Oli Udoh


DE- Von Miller
DT Sebastian Joseph Day
DT- BJ Hill
DE- Dee Ford 
LB- Kenny Young
LB/S- Jaquiski Tartt
CB- Chris Harris Jr
CB-  Troy Hill
Slot CB- Avonte Maddox
FS- Mike Edwards
SS- Julian Blackmon

Rotational DE- Tyus Bowser
Rotational DT  Davon Godchaux
2nd LB-  Jordan Hicks 
3rd LB- Anthony Walker Jr
S/LB 1- Landon Collins
CB- Ronald Darby 
CB- Anthony Averett 
3rd S/Reserve CB- Damontae Kazee


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Cancun Kaiju


With Raleigh preferring a Cover-2 zone blitzing scheme, we are going to feature the running game as well as backs and tight ends in the passing game. We’re aiming to run the ball down the throat of the Raleigh defense to wear down a mediocre interior defensive line and minimize the impact the linebackers have on the game by forcing them to respect the run. This plays particularly well into the strengths of Vaitai and Leatherwood at the guard spots, helping them wear down the defensive line and keep them from getting blown up in pass pro. Alexander Mattison has been a stud this season in two starts, while Latavius Murray is still banging out tough yardage and will get the nominal start if Mattison is out. Rhamondre Stevenson can give us a handful of snaps as well, but Cordarrelle Patterson, PFF’s No. 2 running back, will be our top change-of-pace back behind Mattison and should get about 15 snaps as a back, either as a runner or a receiver out of the backfield.

By establishing the run early, we can rely on play-action pass to freeze the linebackers and safeties, clearing space for the tight ends to operate over the middle. We have PFF’s No. 2 and 4 rated tight ends for the season in Dalton Schultz and David Njoku, while Raleigh can barely line up and play at linebacker.

With Juszczyk in the backfield, we’ll be giving Nijman some help in blocking with either a fullback or tight end chipping Von Miller. That said, Nijman held up well against Nick Bosa IRL and should be okay with the occasional single block given our commitment to the run this week.

-          Establish the run early

-          Get Cordarrelle Patterson the ball as a runner and receiver out of the backfield

-          Target backs and tight ends heavily against zone coverage


This week, we will be going up against a Red Hot passing attack with Kyler Murray, a trio of good WR, and a Pro Bowl caliber TE. With Montgomery put on the COVID list, we expect to see Chubba Hubbard get whatever carries they decide to give him. In order to try to contain this potent passing offense, we will be following the blueprint set out by Democo Ryans and SF last week, which is to keep Kyler in the pocket, and heavily containing him in that 12 yard box, forcing him to consistently beat us from inside the pocket with scripted plays, something that he's struggled with proving regularly. We will force them to "earn every yard",



San Francisco’s game plan to contain Murray was simply to do just that. Murray’s most electrifying plays are predicated on the quarterback’s elusiveness, extending plays behind the line of scrimmage by escaping wide and isolating defenders in space. Last season, Murray’s effectiveness faltered when defenses deployed a so-called Mush Rush, overwhelming inside pressure that collapsed the pocket and closed off rushing lanes for Murray. Here in 2021, not only do the Cardinals now have Rodney Hudson protecting the interior, but Murray exploits aggressive rushes by outflanking them.

Unfortunately, the Niners refused to allow this. Using a combination of rushing linebackers and defensive ends, San Francisco prioritized outside contain on Murray. Improvisation is an integral part of Arizona’s offense; they practice scramble drills at the end of most practices. The Niners simply keyed on Murray’s tendency to extend and create. When Murray tried spinning wide, he ran straight into San Francisco’s contain. He took a couple of poor sacks as a result.




We will be using a combination of LB and DE to alternate contain looks, and will be forcing them to go completely one dimensional, forcing them to beat us within the pocket, knowing that they will be unable to rush the football against us.

Here is an example of a basic 5 and 9 Tech sandwich look:



Similarly, you can see a nice base 4-3 look vs. a TE in an Over Front look:


We will also be using some mixed in stunts while maintaining contain (JAM):


Here's a look against heavy personnel with the linebackers being utilized as contain players:


Aside from this, we will be using a mixture of Cover 3, Cover 4, and Cover 2 to give varied looks and to prevent cheap "big plays" in the seam, post, and outside the numbers, and staying away from Man Coverage with the "man beaters" at WR as well as having to allocate a defender against Murray in the scramble situations.



Raleigh Firebirds

Week 6 Offensive Gameplan

Looking at Cancun’s defense we see our advantages in the front 7 and in the slot. Therefore Chuba Hubbard gets the start and we look to go the majority 3 wide with Mark Andrews and run a lot of RPO and read option plays.

We are looking to slow down Cancun’s edge defenders by giving them run responsibilities against Kyler Murray. We think that our interior OL will be able to give Chuba some good space inside to run.

But where we really see our advantages is against Cancun’s LBers. So our focal point of this week’s offensive gameplan will be TE Mark Andrews. Cancun has to respect our outside WR’s. I anticipate the safeties playing high and rolling the safeties to help whoever is covering Mike Williams or Robert Woods. If that is not what they do, the one on one matchup between Michael Davis or whoever Cancun has at CB 2 or 3 and Mike Williams oRobert Woods is a tremendous advantage in our favor and we would attack it often. 

But assuming they roll coverage and keep safeties to help against our WR’s, that leaves Mark Andrews against LB’s and box safeties which would be a big advantage for Raleigh. Mark Andrews as the focus point off play action, RPO and read option will put those weak LB’s in constant conflict and force more safeties on the field and will open up the run game more. If Cancun decides to go blitz heavy, we love our advantages with RPO style WR screens and underneath crossers to our WR’s and Mark Andrews to gash Cancun

The marquee matchup on this side of the ball will be Tre White vs Davante Adams. We plan on rotating Adams in the slot a lot in this game. This will do two things for our offense. 1- will give Adams more options and space to get open vs White and will force either Williams and Woods outside in space against inferior CB’s which is a tremendous advantage.



Base 4-3. Zone. Big Dime. Cover 2 and 4. Blitz very little and play coverage

Run Defense:

Cancun has no real threat in the running game. Our front 4 combined with the anticipated offensive success means that we think Cancun will be forced to abandon the run early and pass. We will dare Cancun to beat us on the ground. We don’t think they can or will.

Pass Defense: 

This team is basically Patrick Mahomes……….and others……

Cancun’s offensive line is in shambles, so we think our front 4 and rotational players can get pressure without blitzing. Rodney Hudson is out for them which puts the ball even more in the court of our front. Von Miller against the Cancun LT is such an advantage in our favor. They will have to double team and chip Von to give Mahomes time to do anything. This leaves our interior players with one on one matchups and SJD and BJ Hill, who are having breakout seasons, should push the pocket and flush Mahomes out.

Once again zone on the back end is our best bet, and keeping our safeties high to prevent big plays. We want to keep everything in front of us. Without a true run threat, we are comfortable playing a majority one LB with an extra safety to get more coverage in the field. With players back from injury we now have the okayist secondary in the league rather than a dreadful one. Mahomes is great and will certainly get his plays, we don’t think the Cancun receiving weapons are ones that really strike fear in us. We will roll coverage towards Courtland Sutton as he is their best downfield threat. The extra safety on the field will help in coverage if they get creative with Patterson.

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Cancun’s offensive line is in shambles

I mean, fair, I would describe the situation in similar terms


Cancun has no real threat in the running game.

Mattison averaged 162 total YPG including 4.4 YPC in two starts this year. Like come on man, I know he's not a starter when Dalvin Cook is healthy but we all know he's a good running back.

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3 hours ago, Blue said:

I mean, fair, I would describe the situation in similar terms

Mattison averaged 162 total YPG including 4.4 YPC in two starts this year. Like come on man, I know he's not a starter when Dalvin Cook is healthy but we all know he's a good running back.

Which one of Mattison’s 10 yards today was your favorite? 

For my money, yard 7 was hard to beat.

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3 hours ago, EaglesPeteC said:

Which one of Mattison’s 10 yards today was your favorite? 

For my money, yard 7 was hard to beat.

Which one of Patrick Mahomes' 428 yards of offense against a better defense than yours was your favorite?

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2 minutes ago, Blue said:

Which one of Patrick Mahomes' 428 yards of offense against a better defense than yours was your favorite?


8 hours ago, SirA1 said:

We’re aiming to run the ball down the throat of the Raleigh defense

But that doesn’t fit in to your game plan to run it through ole’ 10 yard Mattison 

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