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SNF: Wilsonless Hawks @ Pittsburgh Steelers


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4 minutes ago, Norm said:

I'd have kicked that myself, but I just wanted to see some excitement

My issue is that this offense STRUGGLES to put up 20 points. So pretending that you can just rely on 17 points is a joke... Case and point the Seahawks are about to put up another TD and make it a 3 point game.

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Just now, August4th said:

in 2018. He was horrible, it was revealed that he was dealing with a injury that yr. He's been one of the best since

Was it him who missed several kicks in a game and then people flooded his wiki page to edit it? Or am I thinking of someone else?

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1 minute ago, biggie. said:

A lot of people are probably paying for just as much on streaming services than cable.

I have Hulu, YT Premium and Peacock. That's it.

I have Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, YT premium, Peacock, ESPN+, Prime lol plus I pay for some piracy bull**** stuff for better links and a pirate IPTV. and I still have cable.. I'm a moron. 

I have apple+ too but just for temporary

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