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Top 5 things about your teams future

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What are the top 5 things about your team that give you the most optimism? Do you have a great QB? Elite coaching staff? Strong weapons on O? Location attractiveness? What makes you think your team has a chance going forward?

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1. Mac Jones

2. Matt Judon effectively stepping in for Hightower

3. BB and JMac moving slowly with Mac Jones and developing him right and not throwing everything on his shoulders

4. Patriots Place ever expanding at Gillette 

5. Many strong defensive coaches with a ton of potential 

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1. Franchise QB 

2. Young talent on defense; Budda, Murphy, Simmons, Thompson, Marco, (Zaven hopefully)

3. A coaching staff that’s learning how to not get in their own way 

4. A division that’s long term future isn’t as bright as it looked 

5. A GM that is finally hitting on early draft picks 

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1. Kevin Stefanski - He seems very bright and can be fantastic as a play caller. He needs to get rid of Joe Woods though.

2. Our front office - We finally have a front office in place and structure that can identify talent. I’m referencing mainly Paul Depodesta. 

3. The trenches - We have an elite offensive line when healthy and they’re a young unit. I love the potential of Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney.

4. The potential of the secondary - I think they need a new DC, but I really love the talent of this unit.

5. Our runningbacks - Nick + Kareem is special. However, I want us to use Demetric Felton more.


Some bad things I’m really worried about:

1. Joe Woods - He needs to go.

2. Our WR core - This unit sucks as a whole. I love DPJs potential, but OBJ is garbage. I appreciate Jarvis Landry, but he’s a slot guy. Our leading receiver is Njoku and he’s a shaky at best tight end.

3. Our LBs - Other than JOK this entire unit sucks and nobody is NFL caliber.

4. Our TEs - David Njoku is the only guy I kinda trust and that’s terrifying.

5. Baker Mayfield - He’s just average. Do you pay average 40+ mil?

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1. Young core on defense led by Watt, Minka, Highsmith

2. Young core at the skill position led by Johnson, Claypool, Harris and Muth

3. a ton of cap space to work with for the 1st time in years

4. the structure of the organization putting consistent winners on the field 50 years now

5. the team being a attractive place for good vet QB's, in case the draft does not work out. with the way players move around at that position and the talent coming in. I don't see a blackhole at the position for years like it was between terry and ben.

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1. Losing. A lot of losing.

2. Trading Deshaun Watson.

3. Wasting those picks on undisciplined football players who are nice guys off the field, but have no business being paid to play football.

4. Upsetting pretty much any sort of talent to where they're looking for the exit ASAP.

5. Losing. Games, fans, respect, etc.

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We peaked a few years ago and coaching is stale, so there isn’t much. 

But there is still a young core of truly elite players in Jefferson, Hunter and Kendricks. Cook too but hard to say with a peak injury prone RB. 

Also, there is a ton of young talent along the OL which has been a ten year process for Mn. It’s finally coming together. Darrisaw and O’Neill are a nice tackle duo, potentially. Lots of youth along the interior in Bradbury, Udoh, Cleveland and Davis as well.

Maybe Kirk Cousins if he can play as he has the last season of games for another five years. 

Cant think of much else outside of ownership that isn’t afraid to spend money on personnel and resources. 

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1. We've been the worst team in football for 5 years, so it literally cannot get worse.

2. Kadarius Toney looks fun, but he's hurt

3. Andrew Thomas looked really good until he got hurt

4. Maybe Daniel Jones is an OK quarterback?

5. We have a ton of picks next year (for a probably crappy GM to squander)

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3 minutes ago, Deadpulse said:

yall dont deserve him

You're right; we don't deserve Saquon either, and we didn't deserve OBJ before him. But don't worry, the football gods rectified that by injuring the hell out of them.

Toney was literally on the field for 5 passing snaps yesterday. One of them was a sack. In the other 4, he had 3 catches for 36 yards with a 17 yard long play. The only reason Judge and Garrett are playing him is because everyone else is/was hurt. We should do the football world a favor and trade both he and Saquon to the 49ers for nothing so we can watch some awesome players not get limited by an awful scheme.

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