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Top 5 things about your teams future

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1. Zach Wilson

2. Youthful defense getting better each week, Carl Lawson returning will be huge

3. All those 2022 draft picks thanks Blitz Boy, Darnold and Herndon

4. No bad contracts

5. Can it really continue to be as bad as it’s been?

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1. 0-17 isn't so bad when you've already gone 0-16

2. I'm not in Michigan so I don't have to hear about or see anything about the Lions if I don't want to.

3. Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell seem to be competent, but still entirely too early to see if they'll pan out.

4. Almost all of the draft picks have flashed so we only need 15-20 more picks in each of the next few years to rebuild this roster.

5. Three is stretching it, five is impossible.

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(1) 3 potential top 15 2022 1st round picks

(2) DeVonta Smith

(3) Dallas Goedert (If we extend him)

(4) We play in the NFCE

(5) Our RBs will have fresh legs since they basically get this year off from running the ball. 

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1. We have stable ownership and a long-term GM. Owner is also appropriately patient.

2. The NFC North is pretty weak, and Rodgers’ inevitable departure (whether next year or five years from now) will make it weaker.

3. A young OL. None of them are currently great, but if they figure it out together and stay long term, they could be a good unit.

4. Danielle Hunter is still young and a top 10 defensive player at the most important D position.

5. I don’t value WR highly so this one doesn’t mean much to me, but we have one of the better ones for the future in Justin Jefferson.

More than not though, I see momentum moving away from the Vikings. The current makeup of the team probably will need to change before we have the potential to succeed at a high level.

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1. New Owner (if they care about winning), and no more Joe Ellis

2. No Vic Fangio.

3. No Pat Shurmur.

4. No Tom McMahon (the worst special teams coach in the NFL)

5. New franchise QB (hopefully).

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1. Justin Herbert as our long term QB

2. Some nice pieces to protect Herbert particularly Linsley at Center and Rashawn Slater as our long term LT.

3. Nice defensive cornerstones as long they stay healthy in Bosa and Derwin James.

4. Some good offensive skill pieces like Ekeler, KA, and a rising Mike Williams.

5. I love our rookie HC so far, even with yesterday’s debacle. I love how forward thinking he is especially with regards to the 4th down calls. And I like how he’s a players coach that also pushes a guy to be better. His situational is also light years better than our previous head coaches. I hope he continues ascending and getting better.

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Coaching- McDermott is showing himself to be a top-5 coach in the league. If he's not there yet, then he's at the very least a borderline top-5 coach.

Management- Beane is also a top tier GM. He drafts well, and develops players extremely well. He's smart in FA. Recognizes weakness, and does everything in his power to address them. Just a great ******* GM.

Ownership- Boy, they've sucked for the Sabres. They get too involved some times, but with the Bills- Beane and McD have their full trust, so they just spend money and let them do their thing.

Josh Allen- He will likely be a top-5 QB in the league throughout his prime with the potential to go down as one of the greats.

Recognition- It's because of the things I've listed above, but the Bills are now recognized as a top-tier franchise. That will draw good players via FA. I don't think we'll have players quitting at half time in week two anymore!  

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1. Derek Carr - A franchise QB that is good enough to win a super bowl with the appropriate quality around him. A guy who still just 30 years old and has shown some tremendous highs and only looks better and more comfortable with continuity around him. He could still be our QB for the next 5+ years of at the very least he is a guy you can have total confidence in playing for another year or two while you identify and draft the QB of the future. And should that happen, you can very likely get a first and change, or a couple of seconds or something in a trade. 

2. Young Weapons Galore - Ruggs is having a breakout 2nd year. He looks like everything we were drafting him to be last year. Waller is one of the elite tight ends in the NFL. Bryan Edwards has made huge plays in the 4th quarter or overtime of every win this season. Hunter Renfrow is Mr reliable on the slot and a chain mover. Jacobs and Drake give you 2 backs capable of taking over a game, churning out tough yards, and have a nose for the end zone. Ruggs, Edwards, Renfrow, and even Waller can all realistically be argued as only getting better as well IMO due to their age, being in their first 2 or 3 seasons, or in Wallers case still being relatively new to the TE position. 

3. A Franchise LT - Kolton Miller may not be one of the elite LT in the NFL currently, but if he isnt, he is in the tier right below it. He's still only in his mid 20's and has been the only player on the OL this year that has played great football. He has gotten better and better every season after an awful rookie season, and IMO at worst hes a guy that can play for another 10 years and make a handful of pro bowls. He's locked up long term and we have the luxury of being able to pencil him in at LT and forget about it for the next 5+ years at least. 

4. Quality Edge Rushing - Maxx Crosby started his rookie season looking like a potential great NFL edge rusher with 10 sacks, he followed it up with his 2nd season taking a step back in the sack production and looking too undisciplined to be a full time player at DE, but under Bradley he looks better than ever. Clearly a defensive building block that has the potential to be one of the best ends in all the NFL. On the opposite side we have Yannick who hasn't put up huge numbers but jumps off the screen. Him playing on the other side and a rag tag group of interior players have clearly helped Maxx show how great he can be with at least a little help. With these 2 we have the luxury of two very quality edge rushers for the future and we can just look to add some depth behind them and focus on identifying the long term interior of the DL. 

5. A Secondary With a Super Bright Outlook - There hasn't been a unit on the team to see a bigger jump in play with the new defensive coaching staff and scheme than the secondary. Casey Hayward may be too old to really factor into the long term future, but it's hard to see that when he's been one of the best corners in the game this season to this point. He among other things has allowed Mullen to look fantastic in year 3 when he has been healthy. And even allowed the depth guys to play better than expected when asked to see significant snaps. On the back end Jonathan Abram went from perhaps the most infuriating player on the team and likely bust to the tone setter, versatile chess piece, one of the leaders of the defense, and defensive building block he has played like this year. Instead of being asked to play a role he isn't at all suited to we have allowed him to do what he does best, and the staff got him to buy in, dial back the intensity a notch so he can play disciplined and within himself and the results have been fantastic through 6 weeks. Moehrig at FS has looked like everything we could have asked for when he was drafted. A perfect compliment to Abram. He has been a huge part in not giving up huge plays. He has been a reliable tackler. And he got his first career INT yesterday. I think it's fair to say that we have 2 safeties that can be pro bowl caliber players and perhaps more. Plus Mullen has shown in a strong system he is a high end number 2, and Hayward looks like he isn't anywhere close to falling off the cliff yet. 

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8 hours ago, candyman93 said:


1. Kevin Stefanski - He seems very bright and can be fantastic as a play caller. He needs to get rid of Joe Woods though.

2. Our front office - We finally have a front office in place and structure that can identify talent. I’m referencing mainly Paul Depodesta. 

3. The trenches - We have an elite offensive line when healthy and they’re a young unit. I love the potential of Myles Garrett and Jadeveon Clowney.

4. The potential of the secondary - I think they need a new DC, but I really love the talent of this unit.

5. Our runningbacks - Nick + Kareem is special. However, I want us to use Demetric Felton more.


Some bad things I’m really worried about:

1. Joe Woods - He needs to go.

2. Our WR core - This unit sucks as a whole. I love DPJs potential, but OBJ is garbage. I appreciate Jarvis Landry, but he’s a slot guy. Our leading receiver is Njoku and he’s a shaky at best tight end.

3. Our LBs - Other than JOK this entire unit sucks and nobody is NFL caliber.

4. Our TEs - David Njoku is the only guy I kinda trust and that’s terrifying.

5. Baker Mayfield - He’s just average. Do you pay average 40+ mil?

I wouldn't. It's an interesting conundrum though.

The browns DL is so good and they still give up 30+. It's puzzling to me. '

AFC North is gonna be interesting if the Bengals can get better on defense. Pittsburgh needs a replacement for ben. The Ravens are obviously a mainstay at this point.

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6 hours ago, fluhartz said:

Joe Burrow

defense looks to be the real deal, I love it 

the young weapons on offense... but, Jamarr Chase.. damn

Mike Brown letting other people make decisions

Joe Burrow 



He's so good. I was a huge fan in college. Just a man amongst boys.

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2 minutes ago, MrOaktown_56 said:

The browns DL is so good and they still give up 30+. It's puzzling to me. '

They should be MUCH better than what they are.

It’s honestly just Garrett + Clowney + Malik McDowell occasionally carrying the defense. JOK has been fantastic at times, but he’s going to get hurt playing the way he does.


Our safeties have been torched routinely. I don’t know if it’s scheme or them not communicating with each other.

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